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Velominatus: Scilly Suffolk

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: The People's Republic Of Suffolk

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As many of you know, there’s been a lot of synergy between BIGRINGRIDING and Velominati for several years now. Though BRR and Velominati have very different flavors, we work on a similar principle: foster passion for the sport through a mix of knowledge, history, and humor tempered with a healthy dose of irreverence, all while obviously makin...

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  1. Out: 20km/h headwind, choc gateaux, double Espresso. In: 20km/h tailwind, Scotch egg, large Rum & ginger. LOVE the work! »

Reading articles and viewing accompanying images here you’ll notice a common piece of equipment on a large number of the classic riders’ bikes.  The Cinelli forged quill stem.  Cinelli must have had one hell of a business model going in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s because it seems their stems and bars were the must have...

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  1. @Eurobobster A bit late I know, but a sandpaper shim or Loctite will do. »

In our privileged stables of bikes, it ranks towards the bottom of the heap as Bike #2 or lower, but the Rain Bike is no slouch. This is, after all, the bike we rely on in bad weather, trusting it to carry us safely through what typically amounts to the most dangerous conditions we ride in. Provided you ride year-round, you likely ride this machin...

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  1. @Frank Apologies, but I wasn’t being as rude or disrespectful as you think: on this side of the pond, “my arse” is tagged on the end of sentences to express incredulity, as in “A dope free TDF? My arse!” You are, however, more than welcome to kiss my a… »

  2. “For a bike which is to be primarily ridden in wet conditions, choose a durable, non-corrosive material like titanium, aluminium or carbon.” What utter crap: it didn’t rain from the late 19th to the late 20th century? How come those of us who ride dista… »

I love the shape of it. Aroma of it. The way it feels to be around it. It will catch my eye from across the way; I will be powerless to resist taking in its form and perhaps allow my hand to graze its surface. The source of such beauty and harmony, it is a fountain of unspeakable happiness.It offers me companionship when I need it, solitude when...

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  1. “Dearest, note how these two are alike: This harpsichord pavane by Purcell And the racer’s twelve-speed bike.” Michael Donaghy »