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Velominatus: Scooby

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: United States


LIfelong cyclist, former Air Force, married, one daughter of adult age. Now working for big time global conglomerate that seeks to consume my soul, but cycling keeps that from happening.

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The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. Since I’m new here and I’ve done the obligatory intro post, I suppose my next post should be a pic of my bike! So, here she is, “El Toro”. I named her that because every time I assume the standard riding position with hands on the brake hoods I feel like … »

  2. @anotherguy Love your bike! The color scheme rocks! So much better than the all-black or white/black models that are flooding the market these days. »

  3. Greetings! I’m a Velominati newbie, named Scooby, and thought I’d intro myself so as not to be a stranger for long. I’ve been a lifelong cyclist, graduating from the childhood Stingrays and Huffys to my first roadie made by the same company as my radio; P… »