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Velominatus: Sowtondevil

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Hurst, Berkshire, United Kingdom

65 years' old; riding custom hand built road bikes for the last 50; ride regularly in the Chiltern Hills of UK but have a love affair with the Dolomites in northern Italy. Outstanding aim yet to fulfil is to ride the Nacimiento Fergusson Road up from the Pacific Coastal Highway in California, and back down to the Ocean.

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For many Americans, their first ten speed bike was a Schwinn. It was heavy. Everything about it was heavy. It was the bike that was going to survive outside the bomb shelter. No one put a better crankset on a Schwinn. When we moved on that old bike languished in the garage and it was not coming back out. Not so for @Teocalli, for starters he didn&#...

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  1. @Teocalli As requested, photo shot of my lovingly renovated and upgraded Claud Butler;  frame no. 4399 built in June 1954 from semi-lugged / semi brazed Reynolds 531 tubing.  All parts circa 1966 except the Campag Record chainset which was a later additio… »

  2. My Claud Butler is a 1954 ‘All Rounder’ model that left Claud’s workshop with just 3 gears!  As a teenager I spent every penny I had upgrading the original equipment when I could afford it.  By the mid- 1960s it was fitted with the best that was then avai… »


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  1. @ChrisO I upgraded to 5-speed with Campagnolo Grand Sport derailleur in the mid-1960s and I continue to ride contentedly with that, having always found I could cope with any terrain. »

  2. When I took delivery of my hand-built Claud Butler ‘All-rounder’ model in 1954 (!) it was fitted with a single 46T Williams chainring with 6.5″ cranks driving a 14 – 18 – 22 Regina block (with only 3 sprockets we didn’t call it a cassette!).  The rear der… »

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  1. Hey, Gianni, to avoid getting embroiled in a emotively charged discourse with the medical profession I would take care with overly simplistic statements like this – particularly in the company of an ortho-pod or physiotherapist. I am neither, but have ha… »