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Velominatus: Spartan

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Michigan State University

Spartans were the hardmen of ancient Greece, today though we no longer wield swords and shields, we strive to embody the strength of our heritage. Vive la Vie Velominatus!

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Our products represent the spirit of Velominati; every product we offer is made with the utmost attention to detail – no compromises were made in their selection or design. Whenever possible, our products are made my small, locally-owned businesses who share our passion for quality and we make every effort to ensure they are made in an enviro...

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  1. There is a lonely patch of wall in the back room of my shop, and a poster with the rules on it would look pretty nice. Im just saying. »

The Velominati are proud to present the following guest article by our community member Cyclops. As if we needed more convincing, Cyclops has once again proven that a Velominatus has a tendency to be a bit out of dish when it comes to making budgeting decisions.In this particular tale, Cyclops takes us through the challenges and choices involved in...

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  1. I am in college right now and trying to balance my passion for cycling and trying to pay tuition, rent, food, etc. can be a little tough. Like every other college student that loves cycling, and is paying $30K American a year for tuition, I work at a shop… »

That is the question. Are carbon wheels a viable option for everyday riding? Should carbon wheels be your go-to wheels rather than your just-for-racing wheels? I don’t really race and I don’t own any carbon wheels and I wonder. Granted, every professional is and has been on carbon wheels for many years so it’s easy to think we sho...

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  1. I was a little torn at first whether to ride my carbon wheels full time or to stay on my trusted training wheels, but after riding the carbon I will have a hard time going back. I have 28h Mavic Open Pro’s laced to Ultegra hubs with DT Comp spokes, and th… »