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Before Tomac and Ned, before LeMond and Big Mig, there was Bob Hannah. For a young lad obsessed with motorcycles as well as bicycles, the ‘Hurricane’ was the epitome of style on a bike. His bright yellow Yamaha YZs and matching head-to-toe kit set the bar and inspired me to emulate not only his style on the bike, but off it too. If onl...

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  1. @meursault Ah, well, four wheels bad, two wheels good. Some moto skills transfer well to riding our steeds. It’s good to be magnanimous once in awhile, we’ll soon be back to blood, sweat, and gears. »

There was a time when the world was painted in hues of black and white. Right and Wrong were separated by lines painted in such a thick, heavy paint that even to wander close was to already alter your very nature. The Elders taught us on which side we were to dwell and what evils would descend upon us if we were to transcend into the void. Litt...

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  1. @Ron “cyclists belong.” Spot on. That’s the basis for my opposition to “bike paths,” or more accurately, Multi Use Paths. They reinforce motorists’ perspective we don’t belong on the roads. At least in this part of ‘Murica, we have the same rights and res… »

  2. @Ron Cafeteria Christianity. Oh the hypocrisy of it all. Also raised and confirmed Catholic, and come to some sense… »

The Tour de Suisse can be everyone’s warm-up for the Tour de France, including all you VSP dreamers. The big show seems to be the Critérium de Dauphanié this year, as far as Tour de France contenders go but the Tour de Suisse still has some big guns showing up. Twiggo is here, not for a Tour warm up, unless people are worried about Richie P...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Costa 2. Wiggo 3. Kreuziger 4. Pozzovivo 5. Mollema »

There was a time when I held down ‘real jobs’. Jobs with (a little) stress, with (some) responsibility, but without soul. And while dealing with the great unwashed public never held much appeal, I always envied the guys who worked at my preferred LBS. They seemingly had it all––an endless supply of cheap bikes and parts, hanging out and s...

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  1. @frank I bought my first pair of cycling shoes, Diadora’s, at Branford Bike, when they were in Branford, CT in the early 80s. »

Maybe it’s the milestone of aging that I recently reached. It could be an awareness of the unique foibles of this sport/activity/pastime that I practice. Possibly, I just woke up one day and realised that this is a weird thing for a middle-aged man to be doing. The time for reassessment hit me, involuntarily and without warning. And I’m...

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  1. Fine piece brett. I’m approaching 60, cycling has been a part of my life for nearly 40 of those. It’s a way of life. I’m a roadie to my soul. I’m all for anyone cycling, any way you like it, as long as you’re not being stupid. I have a mountain bike, don’… »

I met a nice character a few weeks ago on a magnificent ride through the Bay Area. He rode a Colnago C-50 which was so filthy that I was unable to ascertain with any degree of certainty what color it was painted. I spent most of the ride suppressing the impulse to lead him and his bike through a local car wash. As it turns out, he’s based o...

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  1. I use Pledge wipes after a washing and in between washings. Lays down some wax to make cleaning easier, is pretty good at getting off road grime and grease off, even the white parts, and keeps the bike looking good. I’ll check out Bike Lust. »

Anecdotal research suggests that people are being let off-leash without adequate training to perform basic activities such as walking on sidewalks or through airports and busy city centers. I’m assuming this expands to shopping malls, but I never go there so I can’t be sure. It’s easy to blame the mobile phones which apparentl...

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  1. There aren’t many “bike paths” around here, and I wouldn’t use them anyway. When non-cyclists mention bike paths to me, I say that they are more correctly called multiuse paths, with joggers, walkers, runners, cyclists, dogwalkers, rollerbladers or whoeve… »

  2. Another great one Frank. Often times I think people just don’t care. We cyclists know the value and advantage of working in a group, staying with the group, and the consequences of dumb moves in a group. Many of those clueless slobs not only can’t ride bi… »

I can can feel his cold breath on my back, like a shadow drifting through an alleyway. He’s not yet upon me, but the Man with the Hammer is lurking nearby. I’m not even sure he has the intention to strike; he’s just staying close, cruelly reminding me that my fate is in his hands.I feel the heaviness in my legs from the first turn...

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  1. Another great piece. A while back I wrote that we seek to suffer to overcome it. It’s more accurate to say we seek to suffer to coexist with it. If we’re not suffering, we’re not trying hard enough. To hate it is to avoid it and miss those opportunities t… »

For the simple reason that the Cobbled and Ardennes Classics are behind us, I have not alternative but to get back on my soap box about the Giro being the best of the three Grand Tours. Well, usually, at least. Last year’s race sucked the big one (even if it was supremely Rule #9), but for the most part it is the race that is the most c...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Cadel 2. Rodriguez 3. Quintana 4. Uran 5. Martin »

This week we mourn the loss of a true Velominatus, Jim Oberstar. The vast majority of you will have never heard of Jim but if you ride a bike in the US you have him, in large part, to thank for the infrastructure you ride. Jim died this weekend, unexpectedly, at a spry 79.Mr. Oberstar served a nearly 40-year tenure in the US House of Representative...

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  1. Marko, At first I wasn’t sure this was about the Jim Oberstar I was familiar with because why would a story about a politician be here? I liked his manner, of an era prior to the present vitriol and gridlock. I was not aware of his cycling advocacy. Than… »

Riding a bicycle involves much more than just pushing the pedals around in a perfect sweep of muscular elegance while Looking Fantastic at all times. There are all sorts of soft skills involved like learning to shift properly, learning to corner properly, learning to crash properly, learning to criticize a fellow rider’s puncture-repair te...

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  1. @frank It’s good to be the king. »

Jump to: Scoring Guidelines • Prizes • Schedule • ResultsThe Velominati Super Prestige is a season-long competition wherein readers will be submitting their predictions for the top five finishers of each qualifying race.  In order to qualify, your picks via the VSP Picks form above the posts section of the VSP Event article pertaining to the...

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  1. @Rob @ Minnesota Expat, join that A-group. You will push yourself harder to stay with them than you would training by yourself. I did the same a few years back, I called it my Thursday Death Ride. And while it felt good to progress to staying on the ba… »

The 100th running of Liège-Bastogne-Liège takes place this Sunday. Danny-boy Martin will be marked heavily as the defending champion. Malmerde, and Phil Gil have shown they are peaking too. Froomy has thrown his hat into the ring, as he did last year but after last years 26th place, maybe it’s training. 263 kms, past winners include a long...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Gilbert 2. Valverde 3. Dan Martin 4. Kwiatkowski 5. Nibbles »

RIGHT!!! Buck and Roger are kicking off a New England Gravé Cogal. This starts at Roger’s shop. Continue reading...

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  1. RIGHT!!! Buck and Roger are kicking off a New England Gravé Cogal. This starts at Roger’s shop.

    It is a gravel/dirt Cogal. This route was used last September for another ride and is supposedly AWESOME!!!

    You will need 28mm at a minimum, maybe 32 mm tires on gravel/CX bikes per the description.

    Here’s a link to the route/description/etc from the September ride but this one is by us, not the cycling shop, but all are welcome of course!  The write up mentions registering/meals/etc.  None of that applies to us.

    Details on pre-ride espresso/pre-night drinking in Boston/post ride recovery drinking is forthcoming but mark your calendars for this puppy!!!

    It will be a GREAT Heck of the North appetizer for anyone thinking about heading out there in October as well!!!

    No drop, Casually deliberate but we might break into groups depending on what bikes you bring.

    The route.


    Event Details

    Loading Map....

    Date - April 26, 2014
    9:05 AM - 8:20 PM

    Ride Studio Café

    Cogal Details
    Route Details

    Ride Classification

Wednesday sees the return of the women to the VSP. More notably, we see the return of Marianne Vos to the road. She’s won this race five of the last seven years. It makes me wonder if the rest of the field have already resigned themselves to racing for second. On the other hand, Vos hasn’t been racing of late and may not be as sharp as...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Vos 2. Sevens 3. Pooley 4. Johansson 5. Borghini »

Midweek in Belgium in Spring is a wonderful thing. Hordes of people come from seemingly nowhere to fill the bars and line the roadsides when presumably they’d usually be working, or at school, or some such. That the only ones who appear to be working are the bartenders and frites dispensers reinforces my belief that Belgium is the greatest co...

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  1. Here goes: »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. Gilbert 2. Kwiatkowski 3. Valverde 4. Vanendert 5. Martin »

We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. @pakrat That imitation and flattery thing. And some things are just too hard. Why bother, ya know? »

What, another guest post? Seemingly yes, but in fact we are keeping to our every-other Friday guest post schedule. We must Keep The Schedule! @Harminator’s post about pigs was the little seen “pop-up” article; a confluence of Paris-Roubaix, Orchies pigs and Jupiler beer. These things go very bad, very fast if not served quickly. @...

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  1. @Ccos, good stuff. As many of us know, many of them don’t get why we seek to suffer. In addition to dishing it out on the bike, off the bike, we don’t sweat the small stuff. Nice to hear you’re in the neighborhood. I grew up in RI, lived in SE Conn. for y… »

The Amstel Gold Race, 251 km from Maastricht to Valkenburg, the hard way. There appears to be no flat sections longer than ten meters. There are thirty-four mean little climbs to ruin the legs. We have moved on from the real Spring Classics. There is no rest in this VSP; The Ronde and Roubaix were amazing but we must continue. Legs that are smoked...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Gilbert 2. Valverde 3. Kwiatkowski 4. Kruetziger 5. Gerrans »

Have you ever been told to take a good look at yourself? Usually it infers that you need to smarten up your ideas, get your shit together, shape up or ship out. If Viagra eyedrops had an advertising campaign, (or indeed existed), their tagline would be: “Take a long, hard look at yourself.”Most Cyclists need to take a long hard look at...

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  1. Well said. As @wiscot said, it extends to off the bike as well. I work at being fit and trim, and baggy clothes are a lazy, slovenly way out for the lazy and slovenly. Buying shirts that are not the baggy “American Gut Cut” can be a challenge. But it is p… »

It’s no secret that I’m prone to riding in the big ring as much as possible, mostly on account of my not being a giant sissy. In accordance with the ISO Non-Sissy Standard, I also never read instruction manuals or ask for directions when lost. I make sure to only rarely ask my VMH to turn up the radio when Adele comes on, usually follo...

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  1. @pistard And we’ll just go with the reported angle B and extension. Reported extension doesn’t equal actual reach. »

  2. @Chris Transgression noted, never to be repeated. I await my penance. I love the sound of Italian, but please, no Lo Sceriffo! »