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I bought a Road ID the day I learned of Jon Lennard’s death on August 12, 2013. Someone in the posts of the original announcement of his passing (below) mentioned he was identified by his Road ID. Of course he had a Road ID. What I knew of him made that perfect. So responsible and sensible.The nature of this community is a strange thing; we d...

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  1. Very nice to see him remembered so well here – many of us in Austin and Houston (and, I’m sure, further afield)  will be riding or raising a glass to him today. Cheers! – Tony »

Each of us throw a leg over our top tubes and submit ourselves to the open road in recognition of the risks involved. These risks include those of a puncture, crash, damaged equipment, disability, and – ultimately – death. We try to be vigilant, we ride assertively yet defensively, and we hope for the best. We take every reasonable precaution t...

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  1. Great tribute guys. I knew Jon well, and his friends and family will be pleased to see this. »