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Cyclists can (and usually do) go on for hours as to why they ride their bikes, and most of their reasons can sound, well, a bit flakey to anyone not enamored with shaved legs and being done up in lycra. “I do it to keep fit”, “It keeps me slim”, “I’m a competitor, I love to race”, “It’s the free...

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  1. It would be Coopers at the TDU, not VB. VB is made a long way away from Adelaide and is terrible. Coopers is significantly better. »

  2. Ummm, Coopers at the TDU thank you very much. VB is made almost 1000km away. »

A lot of things taken for granted in Cycling go swiftly out the window when cobblestones are introduced to bicycle and rider. The notion that your wheels should both be pointed in the same direction at any given moment, for instance, or that that they should in some way be in alignment with the direction of travel of the rider/bicycle unit, such as...

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  1. @Ken Ho Actuall, leaning your bike more than your body is a well established technique for cornering of road. It allows you to load your tyres more vertically for better grip and lets you stay on top of the bike should it start to drift (something I beli… »

  2. @frank How about this photo. Inside knee inside of his elbow. Looks like he is using the “lean your bike more than your body” technique here. »

Building a frame has been, since childhood, a dream which always seemed a little bit out of reach. Aside from not being sure how not to do it wrong, I’ve always assumed that, in addition to nunchuck and computer-hacking skills, my lacking of welding skills would render any would-be frame unridable at best and lethal at worst. Not to mention...

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  1. Sick Frame. Awesome story. My 2 cents re Build: If you plan to ride that bike properly then Tubs are a must. Running clinchers at pressure low enough to get the traction you need will result in pinch flats. Tubeless is no go, burping whilst railing corn… »

We spend a small enormity of time waiting. We wait for lights to turn green. We wait for riders to arrive to the ride. We wait for riding partners to finish repairing a flat or mechanical. Due to various practical considerations including the perceived notion that armchairs don’t stuff well into jersey pockets, we generally find ourselves d...

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  1. @frank I feel I must defend the trackstand as a method of awaiting the green light as it is my preferred style. Yes I agree, rather more deliberate than casual, but when done well it can exude confidence and “oneness” with your machine that is hard… »

  2. So, back on the Casually Deliberate waiting for lights to change. What is the ruling on track standing? Obviously one has to be sufficiently skilled to carry it off with aplomb, but does this still count as Casually Deliberate? »

I suppose it’s just a sign of how rich our sport is and how enthusiastic we are about it that some of the most iconic rides in cycling go virtually unmentioned in these pages. It almost seems as though they are so tightly woven into legend that we take them for granted, these rides. Nevermore, nevermore: enter a new V-Series where we’ll...

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  1. A great story about Davis Phinney and his Serotta built by Dave Kirk, now of Kirk Frameworks: This is from the Smoked Out section of the Velocipede Salon website. »

Perusing the Velominati Archives of Cycling Photos Liberated from the Interwebs (VACPLI), I stumbled across this little gem. I’m sure they are lovely people on the inside, but this photo showcases one of the most unflattering examples of spectators we find along the roadside of the Great Races. I’m not sure how you can be at the Queen S...

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  1. @minion You forgot the velcro gloves »

Daylight Savings always represents a turning point for my cycling season.  In Fall, it represents leaving my season’s goals behind as I find once again the simple pleasure of riding my bike for the sake of riding my bike; the sensation of the rhythm, the hypnosis of rain dripping from my cycling cap’s brim, the cool air in my lungs, th...

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  1. Here in Bris, Aus. the shit weather is just leaving and we are coming into the nice winter riding weather. That’s right, cool to cold dry season. Summer means sweating so much that you are constantly drinking to stave off dehydration before the next rid… »

In honor of the first Australian to win KBK it seems appropriate to give a Chapeau to our mates down under.  Congrats to perhaps the greatest up and coming cycling nation on earth and to Chris Sutton for a show of strength in what was a free-for-all to the finish in Kuurne today.Lest our mates get too cocky though, have a look at the egregious att...

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  1. @frank That pic rocks my world »

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more Rule #5.Thanks to Michael for bringing this matter to our attention. Continue reading...

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  1. Well, you know what they say; “what goes on at Le Tour, stays at Le Tour . . . ” »

It’s been an interesting week in the Velominati Archives of Awesomeness, after a freak discovery of boxes containing “photographs”. After conducting some research, we’ve come to understand that “photographs” are like pictures, except they are stored neither on the Geekbox nor on the Interwebs, but instead reside...

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  1. Nothing can explain Rove »

  2. Negative, the Potato Man is from that Badass country on the upside down part of the world (as opposed to that sissy one across the ditch). »

  3. I must say I love these old photos. My old man was a serious bushwalker and some of the photos and films (silent) that they took in their youth are just awesome. My appreciation of them may however have something to do with not being around to witness the… »