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Going fast and looking good while doing it is our Velominati creed. Riding on the tops is the domaine of going uphill, where braking and aerodynamics are unimportant. In most other situations that position is too slow. The pros are usually flattened down in the drops or flattened down on the brake hoods. When us non-pros are not climbing, riding on...

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  1. Bah! “Spending a significant amount of time on the >>tops<<…" »

  2. Riding on the tops is for recovery rides, pavé and long climbs (and even on the climbs it’s seen less and less among the pros). Spending a significant amount of time on the drops in any other situation is a sign of fit problems. Riding through tight, fast… »

I recently overheard someone say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. This is the kind of statement that makes me want to hate people as a species a little bit. Of course there such a thing as bad weather. There are also bad people (loads of them), bad ideas (even bigger loads of them), bad advice (especially on the inter...

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  1. @cyclebrarian This is only true if your head is uncovered while the rest of your body is properly protected. »

  2. @Nate I can’t get over how often I see riders around here in full winter kit – thermal tights, jacket, gloves, winter cap – in temperatures above 10 degrees C/50 F. That just can’t be comfortable. »

My trouble isn’t with being a good descender; it is with cornering and stopping – and sometimes both. Or, as G’rilla puts it, “Descending is like sex; how good I am at it has nothing to do with how much I enjoy it.”Descending is demanding and requires great skill. It is not a time for resting or taking it easy; getting...

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  1. All those videos but no mention of Mohorič yet? The kid demonstrated some skills on the WC U23 road race… »

What does Selle SMP have in common with the lead up to the 2013 Tour de France? Absolutely nothing, seeing as possibly no riders are on them in the Tour. It’s a long three weeks of Tour ahead, let’s think about our own asses for a brief moment. As a disclaimer: this is not a Reverence article, yet, maybe after a few centuries and pavé...

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  1. @frank It’s not mainly about the flat back, it’s about the rotation of the hips/pelvis. Rotating the pelvis forward enables better employment of the hamstrings and glutes and eases the pressure on the sit bones by putting some of the weight on inferior … »

My wife and I live in subtropical Maui. We moved here partly to break the horrible cycle of fall fitness followed by winters of undersubscribed gym memberships, eleven minute turbotrainer sessions, weight gain followed by depression and a complete loss of cycling fitness every f’ing spring. Bib knickers worn until May to ride exhausting littl...

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  1. @Gianni Sounds like the saddle was too T-shaped – was it a Toupe? Romin (standard, not Evo) is supposedly made to support the pelvis being tilted forward. The shape is superficially similar to the Selle SMP, though not as extreme. I’ve found that wron… »

  2. @Gianni That’s how one should preferably sit on any saddle. Rotate the pelvis forward, and spread the load on the inferior pubic rami. This gives a more stable position for the pelvis and a straighter, more extended back which is more comfortable for th… »