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Velominatus: Thighmaster

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Ward, Colorado

First bike with drop bars a bright yellow Raleigh Record, 1977. Shaving the guns since 1979 much to the weefie's chagrin. First taste of Chimay 1982. Down hill ever since...

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That is the question. Are carbon wheels a viable option for everyday riding? Should carbon wheels be your go-to wheels rather than your just-for-racing wheels? I don’t really race and I don’t own any carbon wheels and I wonder. Granted, every professional is and has been on carbon wheels for many years so it’s easy to think we sho...

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  1. I have a  pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone – so the only carbon is for wind resistance. Still – I am in favor of whatever works best for a given ride. For me – these wheels are rock solid and light. Plus I got a deal on a new pair. If I could get the same aff… »

As children, none of us were given an allowance. Instead, we were taught from a young age that if we wanted to buy something, we had to earn the money in order to do so. To facilitate the model, and possibly to avoid child-labor law infringement, we were paid to do chores around the house in exchange for a cash payment directly proportional but not...

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  1. @Oli Thank you for your comment  You are too kind. In terms of the prize – after a week or so I was asked to give the money back. Apparently a highschool student was in the race, but that day neither the race organizer nor the student were aware that h… »

  2. @Mikael Liddy you are spot on… I was overtaking him in that, the last turn heading into the straightaway, I was so far ahead of him at the finish I was elated, but because I started in last place (I arrived late) and he was in the top three for most of … »

  3. Clearly someone isn’t following the rules here… »

  4. @Thighmaster Here’s the photo… »

  5. Kit devolution -fast forward 5 years (re: post #112): 1984 cat 4 criterium at Purdue University, me in no.2 slot – still could only afford same  jersey, LeCoqSportif, but new shorts – my rich girlfriend, probably sick of my crack-dangling wool shorts, pur… »

  6. @ChrisO I wish… the real prototype was Dave Blase, whom I had the privilege of riding with in a handful of road races in the late 70, early 80s. I dreamed of riding “the Little 500″ and got an offer to do so, but ultimately chose not to matriculate to… »

  7. @unversio The motion picture idea very interesting, but I think “Breaking Away” cornered that market. »

  8. My first post and already Rules #26, #30, #36 and #41 broken, albeit 1979, but here goes… after performing any unskilled labor I could find during a typically brutal Indiana summer, I was able to afford my first kit: Le Coq Sportif jersey, wool shorts with … »