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Velominatus: Ti-Wiz

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Wollongong NSW Australia

Ex-pat Pom living in Aus last 16 yrs. Been riding over 40 yrs - (and I'm still crap). Always ready to substitute expensive equipment for talent...

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Lucky is the cyclist who has a parent cyclist. Early mentoring about the pain cave, guidance gluing on tires, these are worthwhile lessons a parent could lecture a child on. If one has to listen to a parental lecture, better it be about Eddy Merckx and how you are no Eddy Merckx than balancing your checking account. For the rest of us, our parents...

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  1. All those cool ‘dad and bike’ stories…..the only time my dad ever got involved with bicycles was when he borrowed my Dawes racing bike when I was about 15. My first good bike, 531 butted tubing etc. His car wouldn’t start so he borrowed it and got knock… »

Strength can be a fickle thing this time of year, when the training isn’t as consistent as it should be; it comes and goes, sometimes several times in the span of a single ride or even a climb. Like a rosy-eyed dreamer I keep awakening as I train, thrown like a rag doll between a state nearing euphoria and one resembling purgatory.My mind is...

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  1. Australia Day weekend, Alpine Classic in the Victorian High Country. I was doing the 200km. About 150kms in, I’m crawling up Mt Buffalo in my lowest gear. I’ve already climbed 3600 metres and am feeling it in the 34 degree heat, so I’m looking for some in… »

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, this off-season is the time for rest and repair. The body and bikes need some extra refurbishment. It’s fun fixing up the bike; buying new bits in the bike shop is easy. It’s not as much fun fixing up the body.VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. It’s funny how this stuff always seems to happen just when you think you’re reaching some acceptable level of fitness. In the last two years alone I’ve managed a fractured skull, broken wrist, a stroke and a surgical procedure on my heart; just as I’ve bo… »

When you’re a kid, riding with your hands off the bars is something done for thrills, for style, and to impress chicks. As an older, wiser Velominatus, it can be a handy maneuvre to aid removing or donning extra clothing, taking a feed from your pockets, and to impress women (because that’s how adults refer to chicks). Get it right and...

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  1. As a kid I’d ride around the block playing my guitar! I assumed everyone could ride no-hands. Apparently not…have been trying to pop a wheelstand for 45 years though, and still cant do it. It’s definitely easier on some bikes than others. »