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Velominatus: Tiglio

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: London

Social: Website

Road racer, commuter, spends far too much time looking at cycling websites

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Everyone knows that the quality of one’s character is measured by the size gear they can push, particularly when going uphill. It is also a well-established fact that no self-respecting Flemish Pro would ever ride a Compact, no matter what condition their knees are in or how ferocious the gradient. Which, by extension, means that Compacts are...

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  1. Thanks Frank. This is an amusing, well written article. Exactly what I expect from The Keepers. However, as others have already pointed out, the ‘science’ behind recommending big chain rings is sketchy at best. Loved the clip of Cancellara and Boonen on… »

There is nothing going on right now, oh right, except the Tour of Poland. Can we talk?I don’t think it’s just Frank and myself who are obsessed with the Hour Record. It is Hard Man cycling distilled into its purest form, the ultimate race of truth. During the first week of Tour de France madness Fabian Cancellara made it official he wa...

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  1. @Gianni Boardman always took a very scientific approach. He knew how many watts were required for the record and knew he had produced them in training. I think this, above everything else, gave him the confidence. There is a story about his coach leaping… »

The Velominati have our own set of nicknames and terms which have developed over time through posts and correspondence. Some of these are names of landmarks or terms in cycling; others are nicknames for some of the riders in the pro peloton. While not intended to be offensive or derogatory, the nicknames in the list represent the riders’ pe...

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  1. New entry? Devolder definition: to win a race from a solo breakaway whilst everyone marks your highly fancied team mate. Courtesy of atwistedspoke »