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It began when they come took me from my home And put me in Dead Row, Of which I am nearly wholly innocent, you know. And I’ll say it again I.. am.. not.. afraid.. to.. die.Cold, still, heavy, damp air encourages one to remain ensconsed, the familiar nagging doubt weedling away in the back, make that the front, of my mind, and I concede; I...

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  1. Wow, arrived at just the right time in my day/week/month.   Nicely done. »

Attention all Velominati. The Tour VSP is going on line and it should be a good one. Sure, between Froomy and Bertie a person could hedge their bets but Moviestar is all in for Valverde, BMC for TeeJay, Astana for the Shark and Garmin is finally committing to a team leader in Talansky. Some other teams (ahem…Trek Factory Racing for one) have...

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  1. Likely wishful thinking, but so goes…… VSP PICKS: 1. Contador 2. Talansky 3. Valverde 4. Rui Costa 5. TJ Van Garderen »

Cyclocross could be the most perplexing of all the cycling disciplines. To me it’s  at once the most beautiful and the most unappealing. The beauty comes from the great European races, and of course by ‘European’ I mean ‘Belgian’. The lack of appeal stems from the fact that I just don’t want to do it. It looks...

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  1. some irony to this article, as this will be my first year attempting some cyclocross races.   blogging it at – it’s the obvious insanity which attracted me.   We’ll see how well I can survive (contribute?) it…. »

Chamois leather used in cycling shorts looked like this only once, before the first washing. After that one had to slather cream onto it to attempt to restore it to its former soft smoothness, which was impossible. I have written a reverence article on chamois cream and I vowed then to never google “saddle sore images” again, hence a b...

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  1. Ouch.   Became a believer in the preventative measures…. Just one of those things where having less first hand experience is best. »

Climbing is something I enjoy more than I am good at it; any time I see a new road pointing up to the heavens, I find myself irresistibly drawn to explore where it leads. Every season I come to the conclusion that my training routes are all very hilly and I arrive at the brilliant idea that I should plot out a new course which seeks out the flatt...

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  1. Another who will never be considered a climber, I can certainly appreciate this.  I’ve learned to really love the steady 3,4,5,6%.. even when it’s in Colorado and goes on for miles.  Something about this singular effort which is more relaxing than trying … »

There are two ways in life to be good at something. The first way is the most obvious, which is to actually be good at something. This is harder than it sounds because you need things like skills, talent, fortitude, and light sabers. The other way doesn’t require those things but it has its own challenges; basically, you have to be holistical...

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  1. Another who can’t take the POC.   Find it ironic that the people I know who’ve bought an air attack start to describe it by noting how hot it is if you’re not moving.  No thanks. i can go with the beard for winter only – kept me riding through snow and s… »

In my journey through life, I’ve been struck by the near universal existence of the competitive spirit amongst people. Even people who claim not to be competitive in nature are seemingly competitive about how uncompetitive they are. I’m more uncompetitive than you. We find it everywhere, between old friends and perfect strangers alike...

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  1. Can’t argue it’s true, though I don’t understand it.   I can be moments from bailing on a ride, yet if we get started I always rise to county line sprints or impromptu KOM challenges. Seems to be more common with cycling than other things – when I was a … »

Last week we completed the second stop in the tour for our book, The Rules; The Way of the Cycling Disciple. For the first two, we partnered with Rapha to do a five-to-six hour ride and then sign the books at the shop afterwards. In both cases, I was amazed by the quality of the riding and by the ride leaders themselves, Robert in NYC and Eric in...

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  1. @Mikael Liddy  Love my helium.   Great winter outfitting as well (vent cap, insulated liner) If only they’d make the XL in more than one color for myself & my big headed brethren. »

Despite the proclivity towards being all-knowing that comes as a consequence of my being Dutch, the most beautiful things in life are discoveries that come as a result of not knowing. We are quick to answer but slow to think; the easy solution lies at our fingertips while the true mystery lurks just beyond, ready to reveal her secrets if only we a...

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  1. Great timing, loving the comments. Three planned century or better rides in the next month…. Looking forward to them for many of the reasons described here.  Nicely done. »

Here are a few lessons learned while in New York City.The Rapha store is an excellent place to begin a ride. It’s a killer bike shop with no bikes for sale. Once in the door there are ample places to rack a bike. Behold beautiful espressos, fresh croissants, bike racing projected on a whole wall, seats, tables, a WC, and evidently some nice kit f...

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  1. A sample of how the actual signing looked.   Minus the excellent coffee and loud laughter. Great time. »

Riding a bicycle involves much more than just pushing the pedals around in a perfect sweep of muscular elegance while Looking Fantastic at all times. There are all sorts of soft skills involved like learning to shift properly, learning to corner properly, learning to crash properly, learning to criticize a fellow rider’s puncture-repair te...

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  1. @frank  enjoyed meeting the four of you.  One of the highlights (the highlight?) of a quick NYC trip, especially appreciative since we didn’t think we’d get there in time.  Regards. »

For many Americans, their first ten speed bike was a Schwinn. It was heavy. Everything about it was heavy. It was the bike that was going to survive outside the bomb shelter. No one put a better crankset on a Schwinn. When we moved on that old bike languished in the garage and it was not coming back out. Not so for @Teocalli, for starters he didn&#...

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  1. As others have said, nicely done. Couldn’t help but think how different things are today.  My kids have bikes that fit them, and wear helmets studiously.  How different it was when I (we?) were young……. »

Het Volk (it will always be Het Volk to me) and now the Strade Bianche may well mark the sentimental beginning to the season, but those are specialized, pre-season races that appeal mostly to riders who are preparing for bigger objectives later in the year, such as the Cobbled or Ardennes Classics. Same goes for Tirreno Adriatico and Paris-Nice; t...

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  1. Update based on Boonen’s situation.  unfortunate. VSP PICKS: 1. Griepel 2. Sagan 3. Cancellara 4. Kwiatkowski 5. Gerrans »

  2. Lordy.  Season has been too good so far to have any obvious choices.   VSP PICKS: 1. Boonen 2. Sagan 3. Cancellara 4. Kwiatkowski 5. Gerrans »

One of the finest things about Velominati is it attracts the crazy bastards. Cyclists are slightly unhinged anyway but there are more than a few out there who have no fear. Crazy is not constrained by nationality. Crazy knows no borders. Sure the Randonneurs would do this just to make sure they were happy with their choice of headlamp strap but @ba...

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  1. Beautiful, crazy and inspirational.   Awesome work. »

He didn’t really want to be awake at this hour, but it was the only way. Or one of them, at least. Because he wanted to spend more time with her, he would rise before the sun, making use of the small window between their entwined slumber and the dirge of another day at the office. But still she saw those stolen hours as time he could be spend...

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  1. @Rob also well put.  Thought provoking and especially true as the wife covers my sons basketball practice so I can attend our weekly LBS nighttime gravel road road ride. »

Each of us throw a leg over our top tubes and submit ourselves to the open road in recognition of the risks involved. These risks include those of a puncture, crash, damaged equipment, disability, and – ultimately – death. We try to be vigilant, we ride assertively yet defensively, and we hope for the best. We take every reasonable precaution t...

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  1. @motor city   This again.   So disappointing to read about. »

Rule #12 is a beautiful thing. If all but a handful of Rules had to go, Rule #12 would remain. This Rule smolders in all cyclist’s hearts; the need for a better bike has to be there. It just has to. Rule #12 cannot be extinguished while working in the most dangerous or depressing bike-free environments. @dark42echo sent us this from the Falkl...

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  1. Boy, does this ring true for me.   Loving the bike I acquired in May of this year like crazy, yet already have another obsession being built.  Wife is definitely gong to notice the next one arriving, gotta sort that out…… »