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The grade is long and I am climbing away. I’m not going to Pantani this: I am not out of the saddle, not in the drops and not leaving everyone in my wake. The climbing gear was engaged a long time ago. There is progress, but I am not dancing up this climb. A little more cadence would really help here. If I could just get this mother-lover spinnin...

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  1. Great post, a fellow rider who is ‘too big to climb’  I read this with one of those ‘yeah, i’ve been there too’ grins.. »

We have the kind of poor judgement that allows us to have a puppy. She’s half pit, half something, and half something else and boasts a lilliputian-sized head. As her Life Coach, I’ve instructed her to focus on growing her head because, as her Uncle Gianni says, no one gets anywhere in this world with a tiny head. But she’s a g...

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  1. The fourth paragraph sums up cycling in a near perfect way..I completely intend to plagiarize that passage. Chapeau. »