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Velominatus: VbyV

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: United States


Swimmer turned skier turned runner turned cyclist.

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We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. @Mike_P Actually there is a very good reason for eyewear temples to be worn outside the helmet straps.  It is tied to Rule #65.  If  the temples are inside the straps, the straps are held out away from the head.  If one rides at a speed higher than Puss… »

No technology can increase the energy of the willpower of the rider, nor can it lessen the doubts which sometimes overwhelm him. - Bernard HinaultAs I swung off the main road, I was momentarily consumed by the simple thrill of my tires leaving the hard tarmac and hitting the rough gravel of the unpaved forest road. It was a brief distraction of the...

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  1. Regarding equipment…about a decade ago I spent a few years running on the hilly powerline behind the plant during lunch breaks.  One day I forgot my running shoes.  So I put on my work boots and ran anyway.  My running buddies thought I was crazy, but … »

Attention all Velominati. The Tour VSP is going on line and it should be a good one. Sure, between Froomy and Bertie a person could hedge their bets but Moviestar is all in for Valverde, BMC for TeeJay, Astana for the Shark and Garmin is finally committing to a team leader in Talansky. Some other teams (ahem…Trek Factory Racing for one) have...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. van garderen 2. contador 3. nibali 4. froome 5. talansky »

There was a time when the world was painted in hues of black and white. Right and Wrong were separated by lines painted in such a thick, heavy paint that even to wander close was to already alter your very nature. The Elders taught us on which side we were to dwell and what evils would descend upon us if we were to transcend into the void. Litt...

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  1. @ChrisO A-Mercx. Thought you guys might get a kick out of why I call myself VbyV… Tom »

  2. @Ron @Ron I have a similar issue with a church near me.  When I go South on Sunday morning, I am regularly accosted by a stream of cars speeding down one of my local roads because they’re late for church.  They blast by 3 inches from my left drop at doubl… »

The Tour de Suisse can be everyone’s warm-up for the Tour de France, including all you VSP dreamers. The big show seems to be the Critérium de Dauphanié this year, as far as Tour de France contenders go but the Tour de Suisse still has some big guns showing up. Twiggo is here, not for a Tour warm up, unless people are worried about Richie P...

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  1. Hate to pick Wiggo, but it’s a no brainer considering his domination of the Tour of Cali. VSP PICKS: 1. Bradley Wiggins 2. Rui Costa 3. Peter Sagan 4. Roman Kreuzinger 5. Bauke Mollema »

Maybe it’s the milestone of aging that I recently reached. It could be an awareness of the unique foibles of this sport/activity/pastime that I practice. Possibly, I just woke up one day and realised that this is a weird thing for a middle-aged man to be doing. The time for reassessment hit me, involuntarily and without warning. And I’m...

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  1. Nice article, Brett, I enjoyed it.  Recently a friend of mine who works for Ellsworth bikes loaned me a really nice full-suspension carbon MTB, which I took for a quick spin.  It was an enlightening experience, it felt so light compared to my vintage (199… »

For the simple reason that the Cobbled and Ardennes Classics are behind us, I have not alternative but to get back on my soap box about the Giro being the best of the three Grand Tours. Well, usually, at least. Last year’s race sucked the big one (even if it was supremely Rule #9), but for the most part it is the race that is the most c...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Rigoberto Uran 2. Nairo Quintana 3. Joaquim Rodriguez 4. Brent Bookwalter 5. Michele Scarponi »

Given the fact that everyone over-tightens their pedals to the crank arms, one needs a long lever to get too much torque. Rule #94 decrees using the correct tool and using it correctly. While the proper tool has always been available, it is up to us to evolve, to understand the difference between right and wrong, between vice-grip and open-ended w...

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  1. I agree the Lezyne is nice looking, but I contend that a cast Snap-On combination wrench, polished to mirror shine, is an object to be far more desired.  I was one of those fortunates who had a tool-savvy father.  As an example, at age 15 I sandblasted a … »

I’ve never been able to decide if choices are a gift or a curse; a lack of choices introduces simplicity but also with it the risk that the simple choices do not meet the demands of a complex world. An abundance of similar choices, on the other hand, often reduces the impact of getting things a little bit wrong, but also decreases the thought...

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  1. Thought you guys might appreciate this.  I made a spreadsheet of all my bikes to calculate the exact gear ratios.  Of course I know from experience that I reach terminal velocity on the 53-12 at 58kph and on the other end that I have trouble on anything a… »

Although he was already an active community member, I began my friendship with Dan Richter in early 2012 after he reached out to me regarding some wheels he wanted us to take along on Keepers Tour: Cobbled Classics 2012. At the time, he was an amateur wheel builder making some money on the side selling his wheels on eBay. Like many of us in this co...

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  1. Thought the Velominati might like this article in light of the recent Specialized-Roubaix debacle.! Maybe a cogal should stop here for some recovery ales! »

A Velominatus maintains their machine with meticulous care, doting over it daily. A bicycle is a tool, but it is also a work of art, and serves us loyally in pursuit of our craft. We love them as though they were alive; as we grow together, the cracks and lines formed upon both our skins signifies the journey that has passed beneath our wheels.A cl...

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  1. Got some grime on the #1 today.  The road I was on went to gravel, became double track, then entered a state forest and became basically a rocky stream bed.  I forged ahead, hiked over the rocks, leaves, snow and sand until I crested and dropped out the o… »

I am a road cyclist, at heart. Even when I’m in a car, I’ll daydream about riding the same road I’m driving. I’ll imagine how the tarmac might feel as my wheels carry me across it, the wind, the smells in the air. I’ll imagine how my lungs are expanding and contracting, cleansing me a little with every exhale. In my mi...

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  1. In the USA, when a map shows a road labelled CCC, try it. »

  2. I remember an EARLY morning, mist in the valley, when I rode my new Armadillo tires down the newly graded base of a full-on four lane divided highway extension.  I rode past all the rollers,  dump trucks, excavators, loaders, paving machines, etc, sitting… »

We meticulously care for our bicycle, stopping only just short of pampering it. Through ages spend coveting, building, and riding it, we become attached to it and its beautiful finishing details – the luster of the frame’s finish, the angle and sweep of the bars, the gleaming white tape, the tires, the wheels – all perfectly curat...

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  1. I understand this is an old thread but it reminded me of something that happened more than 25 years ago. I was into BMX at the time (Mid-80s) and I had acquired a Takara from a friend that was very beat up.  I spent half the summer fixing up this bike, s… »

The early eighties saw the tide change in the European Peloton. Components were taking on a new, curvy shape as they left their boxy forms behind. The glint of toe clips in the sun would become a rarer sight as the move towards clipless pedals would take hold in 1985. English speakers were winning the big races classically won by continental Pros.T...

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  1. Green – Peter Sagan White – Tejay Van G Dotty – Ryder Hesjedal VSP PICKS: 1. Chris Foome 2. Richie Porte 3. Tejay Van Garderen 4. Andrew Talansky 5. Thomas Voeckler »

We close out the 6 Days of the Giro with our sixth and final installment.A body at rest, stays at rest. A body in motion, stays in motion. Things get a bit more ambiguous when it comes to a body on a bicycle tearing down a twisty mountain descent at speed, particularly in the rain. But it is here, on the boundary between clarity and ambiguity, wher...

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  1. Thought you might like this one, not specifically on topic. If you make it to the bottom, you will get this gem: “Lapize finished stage 10 of the 1910 Tour in 14 hours and 10 minutes. For 326 kilometres, that is … »

When I was but a young Velominatus, my poor mother was often horrified/embarrassed/disgusted by my typical boy’s habit of sucking back the mucous from the back of my throat and swallowing it… yes, I know, now you’re disgusted too. Taking me to seek a cure from the good Dr Edwards, he let her down somewhat with his prognosis that w...

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  1. In cold weather when breathing hard, exhaled air picks up temperature and moisture from the lungs.  The surfaces of the nose are cold.  Water condenses on those surfaces and creates the massive volumes of snot.  Science.  Gross science, but science.  I’m … »

My first article on Velominati was to introduce one of my favorite cyclists, Eros Poli. I refered to him as a domestique on the Mercatone-Uno team. This faux pas was properly pointed out much later by @KaffeineKeiser, a commenter who suddenly surfaced and unfortunately submerged just as quickly, like Das Boot in the Straits of Gibraltar.*I do tak...

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  1. Speaking of Ted King, anybody remember him pulling for just about the entire Tour of Cali last year?  He was on point for huge amounts of time. »

I don’t have to tell anyone around here that @Cyclops is weird guy; most of you have already figured that out, and if you haven’t figured it out, you will soon enough. But weird doesn’t have any negative meaning, if you ask me. In fact, I’d say we’re all weird which makes normal more suspect. Several years ago, long be...

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  1. Thanks for the kind responses.  Since nobody here knows me, I am an electrical engineer.  I work for a firm with a history in iron making.  We design blast furnaces,  projects that can be $1 to 2 billion to install.  Anyway I know a bit about metals, just… »

  2. Nice @Cyclops!  Teach me something about frames :  why not weld?   Is brazing cheaper,  stronger, or easier? »

Cycling is a unique sport in the sense that suffering is a badge of honor.  Greg LeMond once said, “It never gets easier, you just go faster.”  Cyclists love to suffer – it’s a badge of honor.  Bernard Hinault claimed that as long as he breathed, he attacked.At a primordial level, cycling is about the locus of control. ...

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  1. @Roadslave525 I didn’t think anyone else in the world knew about “Armor”.  One of my all-time favorite books.  Maybe things. »