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Attention all Velominati. The Tour VSP is going on line and it should be a good one. Sure, between Froomy and Bertie a person could hedge their bets but Moviestar is all in for Valverde, BMC for TeeJay, Astana for the Shark and Garmin is finally committing to a team leader in Talansky. Some other teams (ahem…Trek Factory Racing for one) have...

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  1. @Chris »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. ‘berto 2. Froomey 3. Nibali 4. JVDB 5. Talansky »

Why are women’s races run concurrently with men’s races? I would get it if it was the women’s Tour de France, but I don’t get it when it is the women’s Giro in July. Since the Tour de Swiss there has been a lack of stage racing (in my TV watching schedule) and seemingly a perfect time to present a women’s stage r...

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I’m not even talking about all the pseudo-asthmatics out there, vaping their way to better breathing. My breathing is just fine. It’s my little citron sized heart that is slowing me down. Is there a street-legal injection or vacuum pump for heart enlargement, or a trip to a doctor in the Congo that would transplant a badass Mandrill heart for m...

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  1. In french, but you should get it… »

There was a time when the world was painted in hues of black and white. Right and Wrong were separated by lines painted in such a thick, heavy paint that even to wander close was to already alter your very nature. The Elders taught us on which side we were to dwell and what evils would descend upon us if we were to transcend into the void. Litt...

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  1. @therealpeel Agreed – challenge is that they also drive. »

  2. I don’t live in NJ anymore but the comments section as usual sums up the idiocy and ignorance of the masses… »

  3. Clearly not rule compliant but interesting idea for city riding: »

  4. Bike lanes best avoided whenever possible. I like this much better… »

The Tour de Suisse can be everyone’s warm-up for the Tour de France, including all you VSP dreamers. The big show seems to be the Critérium de Dauphanié this year, as far as Tour de France contenders go but the Tour de Suisse still has some big guns showing up. Twiggo is here, not for a Tour warm up, unless people are worried about Richie P...

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There are two ways in life to be good at something. The first way is the most obvious, which is to actually be good at something. This is harder than it sounds because you need things like skills, talent, fortitude, and light sabers. The other way doesn’t require those things but it has its own challenges; basically, you have to be holistical...

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  1. I’ve put this on here before, this is the only think I can think of when I see that damn Orange POC. »

That any cyclist can enter the same arena with the same equipment as the professional helps to make cycling an awesome sport. True, the same thing could be said for golf or tennis but as a fan you can’t stand a meter away from any of those pros and scream encouragement. “Come on Tiger, RIP THAT FUCKER!” And if you attempt entry into Wimbledon...

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  1. I was at the Stage in 2007 when Casar crashed because of dog and went on to win the Stage. Epic for him. »

Last week we completed the second stop in the tour for our book, The Rules; The Way of the Cycling Disciple. For the first two, we partnered with Rapha to do a five-to-six hour ride and then sign the books at the shop afterwards. In both cases, I was amazed by the quality of the riding and by the ride leaders themselves, Robert in NYC and Eric in...

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  1. @andrew …Perhaps, Perhaps…LOL Had an Atmos, thought it was ok until I tried the Lazer, couldn’t believe how much more confortable it is (on 2nd one now). Could add that fits well on skinny climber types… »

  2. @frank Lazer Helium definitely the best. Beats any crap Giro helmet out there, looks Euro cool! Here is inspiration for Orange POC helmet: »

For the simple reason that the Cobbled and Ardennes Classics are behind us, I have not alternative but to get back on my soap box about the Giro being the best of the three Grand Tours. Well, usually, at least. Last year’s race sucked the big one (even if it was supremely Rule #9), but for the most part it is the race that is the most cl...

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  1. Fuck Me – this is pointless, but in case Cadel actually pulls this out…Purito out, Cadel in. VSP PICKS (2nd Rest Day Swaps): 1. Cadel 2. Quintana 3. Pozzovivo 4. Uran 5. Majka »

Anecdotal research suggests that people are being let off-leash without adequate training to perform basic activities such as walking on sidewalks or through airports and busy city centers. I’m assuming this expands to shopping malls, but I never go there so I can’t be sure. It’s easy to blame the mobile phones which apparentl...

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  1. @unversio Just like Hockey – I love it… So do you go for Renshaw, Tom Steels or… Marty McSorley? »

  2. @unversio Fear it will be long and perhaps pointless but would be consistent with Rules #3 and #43… »

  3. How about the “TriGuy” who shows up to the local group ride and creates chaos instantly by not holding his line, not communicating and just generally being a douche? Happened last week, group slows up a bit, TriGuy jams on brakes Full On – I have to brak… »

For the simple reason that the Cobbled and Ardennes Classics are behind us, I have not alternative but to get back on my soap box about the Giro being the best of the three Grand Tours. Well, usually, at least. Last year’s race sucked the big one (even if it was supremely Rule #9), but for the most part it is the race that is the most cl...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Purito 2. Quintana 3. Pozzovivo 4. Uran 5. Majka »

If Lance won seven Tours then maybe Tyler Hamilton did win a Monument after all, or not. Finally Hamilton had a chance to measure up to Armstrong in a big one day race. That alone must have felt good; riding against him instead of for him. Johann versus Bjarne, Lance versus Tyler, this was a proper knife fight. Tyler looks ahead and Lance looks at...

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  1. No parking sign date not updated ? »

The 100th running of Liège-Bastogne-Liège takes place this Sunday. Danny-boy Martin will be marked heavily as the defending champion. Malmerde, and Phil Gil have shown they are peaking too. Froomy has thrown his hat into the ring, as he did last year but after last years 26th place, maybe it’s training. 263 kms, past winners include a long...

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  1. I’ve got no f-ing idea, DVR refuses to schedule this race for some reason, still plenty space. VSP PICKS: 1. Valv 2. Kwiat 3. D Mart 4. Vanendert 5. Costa »

Midweek in Belgium in Spring is a wonderful thing. Hordes of people come from seemingly nowhere to fill the bars and line the roadsides when presumably they’d usually be working, or at school, or some such. That the only ones who appear to be working are the bartenders and frites dispensers reinforces my belief that Belgium is the greatest co...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Gilbert 2. Moreno 3. Kwiatkowski 4. Gasporatto 5. Swift »

Wednesday sees the return of the women to the VSP. More notably, we see the return of Marianne Vos to the road. She’s won this race five of the last seven years. It makes me wonder if the rest of the field have already resigned themselves to racing for second. On the other hand, Vos hasn’t been racing of late and may not be as sharp as...

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  1. @unversio Nice! »

  2. VSP PICKS: 1. Longo Borghini 2. Vos 3. Moolman 4. Johansson 5. Van Der Breggen »

Have you ever been told to take a good look at yourself? Usually it infers that you need to smarten up your ideas, get your shit together, shape up or ship out. If Viagra eyedrops had an advertising campaign, (or indeed existed), their tagline would be: “Take a long, hard look at yourself.”Most Cyclists need to take a long hard look at...

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  1. @ChrisO Looks like Jesus didn’t like the paint job either and gave him a flat… »

  2. Anyone else hate the yellow Cofidis helmets? »