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There is nothing going on right now, oh right, except the Tour of Poland. Can we talk?I don’t think it’s just Frank and myself who are obsessed with the Hour Record. It is Hard Man cycling distilled into its purest form, the ultimate race of truth. During the first week of Tour de France madness Fabian Cancellara made it official he wa...

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  1. I’m getting chills thinking about it. »

At some point, I reckon the idea may dawn on me that I’m not a climber. Eighty kilos and standing something just shy of two meters, I’m not clear on why climbing is what speaks to me most about Cycling; I’m certainly not built like a grimpeur. But there is no question about it; I love riding in the mountains. I only have to catch...

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  1. Chapeau, Frank! »

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  1. @Sauterelle Well played! »

  2. May I offer “Belgian Douche”: the spray up your butt from a fenderless ride in V weather (cold, rainy). “Flemish Douche” would also work. »

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  1. How does this post/subject fit with Rule #36? If we are to worship at the feet of the Hardmen and yearn for old skool, should we not be dragging out our Aviators? I think they look awesome on my Peugeot. »

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  1. “Dutchman with Belgian aspirations”. That is an awesome line, though I would have said “Flemish aspirations”. I HAVE to use that on may Dutch in-laws. Nothing bothers them more than not being able to measure up to the Flemish Hardness Scale (FHS). »

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  1. The Moses of Arenberg! »