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Velominatus: WindDrifter

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Zürich


passed due date, going on 49++ used to be a very active amateur, now converted to OTS.(Old, Tired & Slow). From Sweden, with a lot of time to apply Rule #9. it's cold, wet & a lot of wind. Now located in Zürich, where the weather is better, the lakes more beautiful and the mountains, ohh the Mountains!

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Riding a bicycle involves much more than just pushing the pedals around in a perfect sweep of muscular elegance while Looking Fantastic at all times. There are all sorts of soft skills involved like learning to shift properly, learning to corner properly, learning to crash properly, learning to criticize a fellow rider’s puncture-repair te...

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  1. @sthilzy What can I say, I’m lazy. I did Rule #33 two months ago, blimey it grows fast! Ask my VMH, she thinks my closest relatives live in the zoo. Steed is nice. Still, I’m too fat for climbing.. (don’t really wanna show pics because of the many rule … »

  2. ultimate bidon if you wanna LOOK Pro! »

If you’ve ever sold bikes for a living, (or even just ridden them), you’ll know that the biggest fear of the newbie, or the moderately experienced cyclist is clipping in.  It can strike the Fear of Merckx into the brawniest of men and reduce them to a quivering mess, saying things like “I don’t want to fall over”, ...

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  1. @minion I’m late to the game… but such a nice picture. I’m still on these on my #2 bike. Used Keywin since 1997 or soo. Still think they are better than the Shimanos and the different Look pedals I had.(never tried speedplay) They are light, about 190… »

The Ride. It is the cathedral of our sport, where we worship at the altar of the Man with the Hammer. It is the end to our means. Indeed, The Bike may be the central tool to our sport, but to turn the pedals is to experience the sensation of freedom, of flight. It is all for The Ride.The world is overflowing with small, twisty roads that capture ou...

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  1. had a nice ride up a little mountain not far from Zürich on Saturday. Well for me it’s a Mountain, for the Swiss it probably doesn’t even count as a mountain, more like a bumb in the road for them.. It’s 1420 meters, so from Zürisee about a 1000 meters c… »

Our products represent the spirit of Velominati; every product we offer is made with the utmost attention to detail – no compromises were made in their selection or design. Whenever possible, our products are made my small, locally-owned businesses who share our passion for quality and we make every effort to ensure they are made in an enviro...

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  1. @ped since it’s sram, probably everything. »

I would have to start training to even do a recovery ride. And I would have to own a cyclometer, HRM, and the unavoidable watt meter. And all that would tell me what I already don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss until some teenager on a mountain bike gets by you and at that point you better not have a watt meter on your bike. Still, we hav...

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  1. @Beers I think this is mostly my reason too. Being old as f*ck I thought it might be a good idea. Looks like we are in the same business. Yesterday was good. Came home from work feeling tired and fatigued and without motivation, but managed to ge… »

  2. @ped Thanks, I’ll check it out. Another strange thing I noticed, when I’m tired at the end of a ride, going up a hill, my heart beat only goes to 140, the same hill early in the ride, I go up to 170? I go more or less the same slow speed, but my guns ar… »

  3. @Roy Maybe I should look into this. Just recently bought my first HR monitor. never had one before. It’s scary. I’m always in 140 – 150, in the mountains, sometimes up to 170. When I get home after a few hours ride, the damned thing tells me I was In Zo… »

  4. @prestachuck this I know. Have the same problem, being 49++ my body doesn’t respond as it used to. Seems my guns needs much more rest between hammer rides now. »

Rule #57 is clear: No stickers. The detail-oriented Velominatus, however, will immediately understand the difference between a sticker and a decal. The Velominati symbol pack allows members of the Order to recognize one another from the uninitiated.Made only of the highest-quality Belgian vinyl, these decals are rated for seven years of outdoor...

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  1. @Chris You’re right. Of course. I think I managed to fix it now. and don’t complain about the rubber band, that holds the stem together »

  2. @Chris plethora? well, there’s only 2. One is the AVSS, that means Anti-V Shield System for you mortals, it protects me from incoming Anti-V protons from the solar system. The other one is the Time Flux Condensator, I though everyone had one of those? Ve… »

  3. major improvement. bike is suddenly much faster. Must be the Decals had to convert the V-cog to a 11t. Must be faster, right? »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. @WindDrifter bah, slippery fingers an no edit function… bad combination. That should read 215 gr and 1495 gr for post and frame »

  2. @Tugman @tugman  LOOK KG 181 was made in 1998. The LLOK seatpost comes with the frame, so don’t loose it! Post is 25 mm so it’s difficult to find replacement. I got a USE post which is very light, 121 gr, but I think I’ll put back the original again, m… »

  3. @Tugman Nice. I thought I had the only one. Never seen another one than mine. My #2. All D-A 7700, except the wheels. They are a later add on. Had it since the previous Millenium and it recently got replaced as #1 with a never LOOK. Frame science ha… »