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Velominatus: Wojtek G

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

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Rule #34-Mountain bike shoes have their place-on a mountain bike.During our very recent Cogal I gained some on-the-road insight on Rule #34. We were on a part of the route I have never ridden on a bike and had no memory of. The pavement was pavé, Maui-style. Somewhere deep down below the surface of the road was primordial road, patched with onl...

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  1. Wow. A moon rover would be a more appropriate vehicle for that road! Great photo. I recall myself climbing a 27% slope on a road with holes 10 cm wide and 30 cm deep (there were potholes and the ground below was then totally washed away by rain). And w… »

Two summers ago my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting friends in Switzerland. The country is so expensive that I took home only two souvenirs: white Assos socks and a pair of Lezyne tyre levers. I assumed Lezyne was a European company. It was in this Swiss bike shop and I’d never seen the brand in an American store, ever. “Ewwww,...

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  1. Pedro’s all the way… »