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I just got turned back from a ride. 5k from the house I realized my bits were getting too cold not only for comfort (in which case, apply Rule #5 and move on) but safety (i’ll take my vasectomy in the hospital, thank you very much). It’s a lovely sunny day, the only problems being the minus 12C temp, biting headwind, and leg warmers th...

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  1. @frank Yes, thank you, I finished on a road bike with a mix of efforts on the trails.  I will be there this year hoping to find even more joy in the mud. »

  2. @Marko If the Moose Mile was out I must be misinformed on the local trails.  What then, I pray, was that stretch of shin high weeds and mud? I guess I will have to hope it is in this year to get the full experience! »

  3. Last year’s Heck of the North was my first gravel race (to be honest, it was my first century of any kind), which I did on a road bike.  Lesson learned.  As I have more gravel races on the calendar this year, I built up a bike over the winter on a ‘cross … »