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My words will only get in the way of what @le chuck is after here so I’ll stand aside. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. Gianni had it right. Read, ride, reflect. »

I envy my dog. There is nothing in her life that can not be immediately obtained that she bothers herself with; she is a perfect example of the happiness to be found through living in the moment, unclouded by dreams or goals. This is the embodiment of one aspect of what I seek from Cycling: freedom from external pressures via total inward focus on...

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  1. @PeakInTwoYears these thoughts truly reflect the truth. many years of seeking mindfulness through the writings of HHDL reinforce the meditative benefit of la vie velominatus. It really is a dog’s life, or perhaps it ought to be. »

It wasn’t so long ago that the majority of bicycles were made by hand, from raw materials, in places that aren’t China or Taiwan. While some of these artisans are still around, their wares are increasingly harder to come by, and to procure an example of their work means an outlay of time and money which is more than most are willing to...

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  1. Some gorgeous bikes here only highlighting my personal difficulty. Having returned to proper cycling after an absence of a few years (is there a cogfessional in which I may repent?) I wonder where to put my money in a new machine to ride better than my cu… »

My trouble isn’t with being a good descender; it is with cornering and stopping – and sometimes both. Or, as G’rilla puts it, “Descending is like sex; how good I am at it has nothing to do with how much I enjoy it.”Descending is demanding and requires great skill. It is not a time for resting or taking it easy; getting...

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  1. @Harminator Hardly what you’d call casually deliberate. »

Disregarding my Schwinn Typhoon, I started keeping score with my 1976 Peugeot PX 10 LE. It came with a Stronglight 52 x 45 and a 14 x 21 five speed freewheel. I always thought this Peugeot was set up for the pavé of northern France with those gears and wire-wrapped and soldered 3x tubular wheels. Yet according to Peugeot’s advertising, this...

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  1. Will I be immediately excommunicated by the keepers for suggesting a single ring (so lighter with no front mech)? eg 46 up front and 11 / 28 out back? Essentially the same range as my old school 53 /42 with 13 / 28 that took me over European ranges with c… »