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If you’ve been paying close attention to my posts on other Keeper articles lately perhaps you’ve noticed my stable has been in a state of flux.  It all started when Frank texted me a pic of a pair of used demo 404’s at his LBS for sale.  Well no, that’s not true.  It really started 10 years ago when I lived in Bellingham...

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  1. @G’rilla I was referring to 650b, not 26. 26 inch equipment is still widely available, though I did have trouble finding even a single 26 inch tube at a (big) XC race last year (just upgraded from the 26 inch HT I learned Rule #5 on). The 26 is certain… »

  2. @RedRanger Yes, if I was getting a ht, the niner would be at the top of the list. The rigid model is straight hawt. @G’rilla I’ve never ridden one, but I’ve noticed it’s not easy to find tires/tubes in bike shops, so be prepared to take Rule #83 to ano… »

  3. @frank I know this is old, but to add my two cents: My experience is that the 29er rolls much faster and keeps rolling longer than a 26. The 26 on the other hand is more agile (almost twitchy compared to the 29), but feels like it bogs down with every b… »

Pity our cyclist, it’s Saturday and he won’t shave his face, it might sap his strength but he has to shave his legs or he won’t look serious. He certainly can’t have sex, more strength stealing there, and kissing his wife, whoa, slow down, that could spread some germs. He doesn’t want to get sick so going to that birth...

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  1. @frank Initially, I was with @imakecircles, butafter running the numbers I’m not so sure. If we assume the 62 and 72 kg cyclists have identical power to weight ratios without bikes (i arbitrarily choose 6.13 W/kg), then add the dead weight of bikes de… »

The Velominati are proud to present the following guest article by our community member Cyclops. As if we needed more convincing, Cyclops has once again proven that a Velominatus has a tendency to be a bit out of dish when it comes to making budgeting decisions.In this particular tale, Cyclops takes us through the challenges and choices involved in...

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  1. I just stumbled into a slightly used 2013 Epic Expert Evo-R for $3,200…  There was absolutely no chance for me to shell out the $6,500 for the new version anytime soon. All I can say is a-merckx!  Apparently he loves mountain biking too. »

Twiggo is dreaming of a Giro-Tour double. He has sent out mixed messages about his Tour ambitions. Will he use the Giro as the ultimate Tour preparation or will be burn all his matches in May and hope he can find another pack for July? He has abandoned his successful 2012 Tour run-up strategy of winning every stage race he entered the previous spri...

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  1. Somehow I threw away my fifth pick just for fun (Phinney), lost two picks to colds, and I’m leading the VSP at the rest day.  40% right ain’t bad huh? »

  2. Just my second VSP entry.  Fortunately I have experience rolling dice and flipping coins, so I should be among the favorites. VSP PICKS: 1. nibbles 2. good cadel 3. Wiggo 4. Ryder 5. Phinney »

Which bold rider has this stage circled in their tour bible? Wednesday July 18th, Stage 16, 197 km. The day after a the final rest day. A climbing day with two HC climbs followed by two Category 1 climbs and a serious descent toward the finish. The Aubisque, Tourmalet, Aspin and Peyresourde: you better be a fearless climber and a good descender, bu...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Tejay 2. Froom 3. Twiggo 4. Nibbles 5. Cadel »

We are proud to announce a change to the Velominati Super Prestige moving forward: sponsorship. We are delighted (if a little surprised) at the interest our partners showed in this endeavor, despite the short notice we gave them. Four sponsors will be gracing the sides of our team bus for this year’s race: fi’zi:k is our Super Domesti...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Wiggins 2. Evans 3. Van de velde 4. Grimpelder 5. Sanchez »