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It was said by someone in the posts following Gianni’s excellent review of his tubeless system that an honest, long term analysis by a ‘real’ rider was most welcome. Well, you’re not going to get that here. You will get honesty, for sure, but ‘long term’ doesn’t come into the equation when a week is the am...

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  1. Enve will crash warranty wheels for 1/2 price. I had them do this for me via after an accident. I paid the difference to upgrade the enve 3.4s clinchers from the 45s. The braking is better on the 3.4s. I only run these on my better bike. … »

I’ve said it once before, but it bears repeating now: adherence to Rule 29 carries with it the ultimate mission of the aspiring Velominatus, which is to geek out endlessly over the minimum amount of gear which yields maximum security in the event of a mechanical incident while riding.The goal here is twofold. First, with no European Posteri...

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  1. when riding with the club one CO2 and one tube. When riding alone or in small group on a long ride I carry that and a second tube and small pump similar to the lezyne. »