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Any return from time off the bike is always met with a peculiar mixture of anticipation and apprehension. I will be excited to return to the bike, but on some level I’ve become accustomed to not getting on my bike every day. Not riding is easy, and we are creatures of inertia – once the rhythm of the daily ride is broken, it takes a...

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  1. I’m in a kinda messy situation as well. Since a week I’ve been pestered by cough. It isn’t just an ordinary cough though. It’s a cough so deep you could think your chest starts where your ass ends! Because of that I couldn’t train for 3 days and because o… »

The early eighties saw the tide change in the European Peloton. Components were taking on a new, curvy shape as they left their boxy forms behind. The glint of toe clips in the sun would become a rarer sight as the move towards clipless pedals would take hold in 1985. English speakers were winning the big races classically won by continental Pros.T...

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  1. Wow! The prizes make the Tour The France even better! VSP PICKS: 1. Contador 2. Froome 3. Porte 4. Rodriguez 5. Schleck »

This week’s Guest Article comes from our friend, @blacktoolpower (l) and our editor Drummond Moir (r). In anticipation of our book’s imminent release, these two donned their lab coats and headed out to the streets of London to assess the state of Rule Compliance in the city’s commuter crowd. Always remember: leave this kind of ins...

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  1. Well, that’s what I call work on the ground! What’s more it’s a perfect example of fulfilling of the Rule #3 »

La Vie Velominatus isn’t a part-time gig. La Vie means the life, and The V is my life. Otherwise, I’d be Some V Velominatus, some of the time.Even when I’m not riding my bike, like the last two weeks (for reasons which don’t really matter, and offering them only renders them excuses), I live La Vie through other avenues. Eve...

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  1. What is really important is to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and to do it responsibly! Everything in la vie velominatus has to have a reason. Even if you found it in “The Rules” and don’t really get it.  »

Change creeps in slowly, it has a way of taking the seemingly immutable and eroding it over time. It’s inevitable; if the great canyons were carved from the solid rock of Mount Velomis by such a soft thing as water, then it should come as no surprise that the Velominati V-Kit would also change with time. As David St. Hubbins says, “Th...

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  1. @TBONE Can us, Polish folk, just stay in Poland and pick up the kit on our own accord? Or do we actually have to pay for it? »

Clouds hang heavy in the sky, plump with a rain which contemplates the opportunity to hurl itself towards the Earth below. I get the sense that we wait for each other, the Rain and I; the rain relishes the opportunity to soak my clothes and skin, seeking to corrode my resolve while I cherish the opportunity to prove to myself that it will not be s...

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  1. @frank For the moment I cannot afford buying stuff which brings me to the very question what comes first. the bike or the cyclist? Can I ask for clarification? »

  2. @xced Yes, I know. What’s more I totally agree we all should have (at least) one dedicated bike(vide Rule #12). For the moment however I’m happy to have my $1.500 bike… That’s all I can afford. »

  3. I know it’s against La Vie Velominatus but I really hate riding in the rain. Not for health’s sake but for my bike’s sake. I don’t complain about myself. I pity my bike. »

Evelyn Stevens was working on Wall Street four years ago and is now the best American women cyclist. How is that possible? Her parents must be enjoying dinner with pulses of 40 bpm and sky high VO2 maxes. Are they both professional marathon runners? Is that how they met? Maybe they have never attempted aerobic sports. If Evelyn has siblings and the...

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  1. Let me put it that way: We (or at least most of us) are spending money to ride for the fun! »

Cycling and crashing are the kinds of things that come together whenever you liberally combine Newtonian Physics, skill, and overconfidence. In other words, I’ve been falling off my bike for nearly as long as I’ve been climbing on it.One of the more memorable crashes of my youth involved the commute home from my high school and a lady...

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  1. Hahaha! »

A lot of things taken for granted in Cycling go swiftly out the window when cobblestones are introduced to bicycle and rider. The notion that your wheels should both be pointed in the same direction at any given moment, for instance, or that that they should in some way be in alignment with the direction of travel of the rider/bicycle unit, such as...

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  1. Cobblestones (or how we used to call it in Poland: “The Cats’ Heads”) aren’t my favorite. They might be technically tough but what’s more important they are tough on my balls… »

I’ve taken exactly one economics course in my life. If the fog of time isn’t too thick, I recall two theories that account for value. These theories posit value as being either (A) intrinsic or (B) subjective. That is to say that commodities are valuable in and of themselves and that value can be established objectively by the market. O...

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  1. Velominati, please, help me! I keep thinking about the off-season which has actually began in my part of the World. It is my first off-season so I’m looking for answers on how to improve my V-live. I’m conversant with rules #5 and #9 and I know I should s… »

Some people are supremely good at it, reducing complex situations into matters of simple black and white. This isn’t my particular area of expertise; I enjoy wading through the pools of ambiguity a bit too much to go about bludgeoning this beautiful world into absolutes. In fact, I would venture that delighting in nuance is part of what dist...

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  1. In my flat as Cameron Diaz’s chest countryside the hills ain’t a challenge. That’s why I really love them because they aren’t too hard to conquer and on the other hand they give me lots of motivation after getting to the their top. I love flat routes. I h… »