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Velominatus: deanofbikes

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Oakland, CA

1973 Amateur Bicycle League of America License, "intermediate" 1987-1992 USCF licence, cat 2 road 2012-13 USA cycling license, 45+ cat 3 road (working my way up again)

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  1. OMF’n Merckx, that photo and paragraph brought me to tears.  How deep can one go?  We really don’t understand how deep, but he did. »

My first article on Velominati was to introduce one of my favorite cyclists, Eros Poli. I refered to him as a domestique on the Mercatone-Uno team. This faux pas was properly pointed out much later by @KaffeineKeiser, a commenter who suddenly surfaced and unfortunately submerged just as quickly, like Das Boot in the Straits of Gibraltar.*I do tak...

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  1. Lest we forget, Eros stood 6’4.5″, and slogged that carcass up Ventoux on Stage 15 in ’94 for the win. »