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Velominatus: devonvo

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: South africa

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Im not silent I'm pro solitude.

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I read recently that a number of Pros like to ride the turbo for an hour or so before having breakfast in the morning to jump start the old metabolic system. Which means that now I ride the trainer for an hour in the morning before breakfast. I think the Pros probably do it to lose weight, and I do it partly for that reason but also to burn off th...

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  1. There is nothing (exept for smashing hill repeats) than a awesome wattbike session. When pushing 310 watts for 20min then doing 5 min intervals is awesome fun. #Rule no.5 becomes more and more aplicable in those dark sessions of pain while pedaling your a… »

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  1. @936adl cant agree more. dont see xco racers use it. makes it a bit heavy. even some downhill guys dont use it. if you have time to think about dropping the seat or keeping it up your not going fast enough. »

  2. @Andre the Fish very cool bike »

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  1. @Velodeluded nothing is worthy of being above the rules. You do 500k in honour of the rules and merckx. Nothing else. »

  2. @the Engine any ride is a good ride mate »

  3. Fkn spot on guys. Rule #5 and #9 well and truelly practised Here. I really hope there was enough Recovery Ale. This is true velominatus spirit. »

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  1. Good read. Here in south africa in the highveld you get alot of unsuspected thunder storms midway thru your ride. Those are the best. I set alot of my pb’s in tose thunder storms. rain makes you more focused and every thunder roar makes you sprint. Love … »

Ok all you roadies, listen up. You’re not gonna like what I’m about to tell you, but it’s the truth. And sometimes, the truth hurts. You ready?Road cycling owes a lot to mountain biking. Continue reading...

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  1. CX racing has also now had an effect on the road. Even now hydraulic brakes also from the mtb brothers. CX has given us disk brakes and tubeless tires. »

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  1. @Deakus the harder the fall the better the ride »

  2. As they say rules are there to be broken. But they frown upon criminals. Living and riding buy they rules puts you in a very exclusive league of riders. Those who appreciate the rules and livebuy it  for the very  essence and meaning of its existence. Li… »