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There is something to love about a race that makes a deviation to its route for the simple joy of sending a fleet of professional riders up a fiendishly steep and narrow ramp. The Cote du Stockeu offers zero benefit to the route from a logistical standpoint – in fact, all it does is complicate things. On the way down from the Cote de Wanne &#...

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  2. Off-topic, but the Little 500 from Indiana University is on this afternoon at 2:00 EST on if you have exotic and extraneous channels. It’s the event made famous by the classic movie Breaking Away — this year’s running is the 63rd annual race, As … »

Finally, we have Milan-Sanremo. I hope pedale.forcetta is ready to shoot some pictures, especially black and white because it will be cold and possibly wet. Throw in a little wind and a race of this distance will weed out the less hardy. Recently, but not too recently, this race would be won out of a decent size field sprint. And yet, besides Fabs...

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  1. Chavenel abandons. »

  2. Lotto mounted high tech mudflaps for the conditions: »

Somehow Movember and Vajanuary have slipped out of our grasp without too much fanfare. It’s never too late to pay homage to a ‘stash and a rider such as Urs Freuler. Our trusty cycling historian @wiscot has once again stepped up and delivered, many thanks. Yours in Cycling, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. Holy Keith Hernandez, »

What do you do during the off-season when your name is Roger de Vlaeminck and you’re a certified organic free-range studmuffin?You roll down to the local Six Day in your Chick MagnetTM tweed suit and bring the ladies in for your pals while you stay Pre-Race Kelly, that’s what. Continue reading...

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  1. RDV has more than a little Tom Jones going for him… »

La Vie Velominatus. It is the life we, as Velominati, lead. It is life as a disciple of cycling, of the greater meaning the bike holds and the lessons it teaches us. Along the path, one of our great duties is the wholesale consumption of the great Works related to our sport. From periodicals to books to films, herin lies the list of works conside...

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  1. Found on the Twittersphere today. »

Bradley Wiggins; have we seen too much of him now? The answer to that would be yes, unless you are British. Thank god the British road race strategy blew up in their faces. Had Cav won the Olympic road race we really would all be in a spot of British bother. @blackpooltower has a theory here and it explains some twiggy things about Wiggo.VLVV, Gian...

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  1. Wiggo also let his Mod flag fly during the Olympic ITT with the traditional RAF roundel on his aero helmet and as a headbadge. The tricolor roundel has doubled as the international Mod symbol since the use by The Who. »

We are lucky to have @wiscot as a contributor of guest articles. He eschews the carbon ball for real research and his love of cycling history is heartfelt. As the Dauphine winds down @wiscot spins a story of real toughness on the bike. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. Great youtube clip of Anquetil’s Double: Some serious serious Frenchness going on. »