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I’m a non-climber who enjoys climbing. I’d enjoy it more if I was good at it. And “enjoy” might be too strong a word, “tolerate” might be better. But dragging 89 kilos up a volcano gives one time to contemplate the cycling life .Let us define non-climber. It’s someone either too fat, too big (gravitationally challenged) or a fast- twi...

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  1. @Mikael Liddy get an Ultegra Stages and try and hold 5 watts per kg when the lads attack. The gap will between you’s will be a lot less than it is now. Also I know a climber around 90kg (Anthony Brooks) that can out climb me on long climbs like greenhill…. »

  2. @Dfitz A mate from SD went from 150kg down to 75kg eating a high carb vegan diet. His cycling performance boost has been incredible. Less weight, more red blood cells from all the high carb fuel in his blood at all times. He doesnt even have a road bike, … »