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Jens Voigt is set to retire as we speak, having one final crack at a long break in some race in the Cycling backwater of the USA. Is it fair or fitting that he should go out like this, slipping out the back door with little fanfare, while others have been doing a farewell tour of all the big races, replete with fancy commemorative shoes and a son...

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  1. Backwater? »

We interrupt our usual programming to announce a new and exciting program between Velominati and our Partners: Velominati Partner Coupons & Discounts.DeFeet has been quietly supporting Velominati almost since our inception, using Rule #5 and Rule #9 to promote their line of products which fall squarely into the Flandrian Best range of cycling...

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  1. @Ron Right… perhaps it’s through illuminating responses or asinine retorts.  Le sigh. »

  2. How doth one rise about Level 4?  (How is babby formed?) »

That is the question. Are carbon wheels a viable option for everyday riding? Should carbon wheels be your go-to wheels rather than your just-for-racing wheels? I don’t really race and I don’t own any carbon wheels and I wonder. Granted, every professional is and has been on carbon wheels for many years so it’s easy to think we sho...

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  1. I should add: “light clincher” is relative.  I was rocking some wire bead gatorskins this winter because I got a deal… but 300 grams for 25s is nuts.  Glad to be on a more supple GP (not to mention 70g lighter a tire). »

  2. I second the carbon clincher vibe.  Just a gimmick for Freds. Tubs, be they crabon or alu should be busted out for special rides: races, epic climbs, etc.  I do like the notion of train heavy, race light.  I try to compromise a little by running decently… »

I didn’t want to climb the Eiger, I wanted to have climbed the Eiger. – Jon Krakauer, Eiger DreamsGianni’s Take Continue reading...

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  1. @Ron No, no… not at all.  I would… never… do… that… especially not in ten minutes when I step out the door.  ;-) »

  2. That’s pretty funny.  I have been listening to Eiger Dreams (audio book) on training rides the last two days.  A break from silence and/or music/podcasts. On long solo rides to do mountain climbs, I often spool up a Krakauer audiobook (I’ve got them all)… »

Let’s talk about bikes. Yeah, bikes are good. After all, they are “the central tool to our craft.” They are the reason we became Velominati, the portal through which we travelled to this life. When we were kids, we saw a bike for the first time; we liked the look of it, and when we rode it our lives were changed forever. We didn&#...

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  1. I think the whole fixed/hipster thing has long ago jumped the shark, but… I still have a lugged, steel track frame I commute on and a few times a summer, take out for a 50 mile ride over mostly flat land.  It’s kind of liberating, though I’m not in any … »

The only thing worse than being two months from peaking and too fat to climb is being two months past peaking and in the middle of the season of rapid weight gain. At least with the former there is something to look forward to as you measure the incremental gains of your training as the almost daily rides of the season accumulate on your Strava pro...

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  1. There’s no off-season, there’s only “season”… well, that’s what I tell myself.  But I spent three years commuting with weekend rides only in fair weather and put on a few kilos.  I’ve only been back at it since June and I can’t let myself quit.  So, I’m… »