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A lifelong Velominatus, the history and culture within cycling fascinates Frank and, if given even the vaguest of excuses, will discuss it to exhuastion. A devoted cycling aesthete, the only thing more important to him than riding a bike well is looking good doing it. Frank is co-author along with the other Keepers of the popular book, The Rules, The Way of the Cycling Disciple and also writes a monthly column for the magazine, Cyclist. Email him directly at rouleur at velominati dot com.

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To each and every one of you in our community, we’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and involvement in our community.Velominati is a project born of passion more than planning, and the fact that we’ve managed to gain your support means the world to us; over the years I’ve come to consider many o...

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  1. @Kevin Brett portends to be an “editor” but all he really does is drink beer and pee on things. He’s more gnome than elf that way. »

There are certain bicycle tools that once owned, signify much more than just ownership. For me, it was this Park clamp. No one starts out with a proper bike stand. For any cyclist, I see the early years of working on the bike as it leans up against the end of the bed. I also see no live-in girlfriend or second room to do this in. This era includes...

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  1. @G’phant Did Velominati suddenly come back online in NewZ? All of a sudden the old posse is back! Great to see you, G’Phant. You’ve been so scarce you’re back down to a Level 2. Sorry. »

The darker months bring out the macabre in each of us; for Gianni it was the extinction of his beloved Park Tool adjustable clamp. For me, I found myself mourning the fact that I recently purchased a headset press. Ignoring the fact that a Velominatus of my stature didn’t already own one, the mourn behind the mourn is where the interest lies...

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  1. @Nate I have the same memory kicking around in my noggin somewhere and had the same experience looking for it, albeit from the desktop. @Chris That’s a classic! @Oli I had to look at the URL to see if I hadn’t accidentally bounced over to the d… »

  2. @ChrisO Well, I think your gullibility has been established. Good for you; for a second there I thought you were all head. My main question is, how does he suppose your new ceramic bearings will perform against your established deliberate pressure-inje… »

  3. @Tony I’m happy to admit I know almost nothing about modern Shimano hubs, but I do know Campa hubs still use loose balls as well. I doubt either still uses classic steel (iron?) cones and axels though, as the weight would class them out of the market. … »

  4. @Nate I was trying to find just the clip but I couldn’t. The best I could do was the whole video. »

White is a troublesome color; hard to keep clean. I have a white dress shirt that I never wear because even if I manage not to spill on the front of it, the cuffs and collar will look crap by the end of the day regardless. I mean, I can keep from eating something all day, but I can’t keep from drinking coffee or wine, and before very long som...

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  1. @ChrisO No shit. Not cool at all. Not to mention, GREEN V-Cogs? Disgrace. @DragoRosso If you would have reached out to Veloforma, they would have built you the real thing, in the colors you wanted. They are amazing like that. And you could have gotte… »

  2. @juliana Get the man a bike and problem solved. »

  3. @Haldy Just some coaching: The V-Cog is so rad, I peed a little Great Rule #9 gloves, aside from DeFeet Wool and pending a solid test of my Blue Seventy gloves, those are the best. Please don’t post photos showing a computer on the bars Please don’t us… »

  4. @Stephen Wrong. I’m 1V and riding an AVVESOME. »

We want to look like Pros, sure, but what we’re really after is feeling Pro. All the aesthetics are just a tool we use to fuel the fickle internal combustion engine of Morale. In the end, there is little that will make you feel Pro more than clattering along a stretch of cobbles in a small group; instant “select breakaway”. One...

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  1. @Mike Hunn Because you would like to ride more than one day Because you value your knees Because you value your crotch Because it would be a waste to carry a bike out only to ride it for one secteur Because every ride but Paris Roubaix has steep enough… »

  2. @Barracuda That’s my favorite looking grouppo of all time, too; the Mavic SSC. Those hoods were so cool looking – they looked fast standing still! And that crank! (Not the right bike but that’s the right group set!) »

We just finished a thorough examination of the Cyclist’s marquee accoutrement, the Cycling Cap. Today’s lesson is about the Cycling Cap’s red-headed step brother, the Winter Cycling Cap.This is a toque born of necessity; the thin cotton cap is nowhere near warm enough for the demands of the Flemish winter training season. Form s...

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  1. @teleguy57 In fact, for most of it he’s not wearing anything; but in that one photo he’s definitely got a winter cap on. »

  2. @wilburrox Yeah, Fignons barber, you get the +1 badge for that. Excellent work. @Buck Rogers Me too. Strong work on both. Hard to pick a winner but Figgles Coiffeur was first. @pistard Ibex is pretty cool that way. Love that company. Favorite wint… »

  3. @Gianni That skull cap talk just got you two demerits, my man. As a Keeper you have a V demerit credit, but I’m assuming (as my dad taught me) that I missed at least 1 if not 2 along the way, which means you’re on your last demerit. Settle down and me… »

  4. @wiscot I have to say, as a Nordic skier by trade, the balaclava is a no-no, much like the tights. I deployed it in northern Minnesota Winter Extremes but never with a faint heart. The BC is as hard to pull off as the Winter Cycling cap, which means it… »

  5. @Buck Rogers That’s a classic right there. I love that he’s still all, “Fuck tights, we’re not savages.” »

  6. @wiscot I agree, he looks about as good as anyone can in a winter cap, apart from Andy in the photo @Buck posted, and his case is helped in no small measure by Shelley. »

  7. @Mikael Liddy OH NO YOU DI-INT. »

  8. @wiscot With a noggin as big as mine, they fit under the helmet just fine, but it requires a helmet with a good locking system. The synthetic materials don’t compare when it gets wet; there is nothing like wool because it keeps its insulative properties… »

  9. @kixsand Leia looked better in hers. »

  10. @Buck Rogers FFS. There were no radios in the bunch then. »

We want to look like Pros, sure, but what we’re really after is feeling Pro. All the aesthetics are just a tool we use to fuel the fickle internal combustion engine of Morale. In the end, there is little that will make you feel Pro more than clattering along a stretch of cobbles in a small group; instant “select breakaway”. One...

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  1. @wilburrox The Euro is tanking already. It’ll be a screamin’ deal by the time you have to pony up the second half. »

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on here. Rule #5, Rule #9, Rule #10; every rider in this frame Looks Fantastic (most other Rules). The riders are in short sleeves and shorts while the public apparently has scavenged materials from rubbish bins and the local grain elevator in a very visually unpleasant effort to keep war...

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  1. And speaking of baller; Fausto shows us a little something about Rule #33 and also why its cool to flip the visor up even when you’re wearing it backwards. »

  2. De Vlaeminck: balancing the casquette with sideburns. So baller. »