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A lifelong Velominatus, the history and culture within cycling fascinates Frank and, if given even the vaguest of excuses, will discuss it to exhuastion. A devoted cycling aesthete, the only thing more important to him than riding a bike well is looking good doing it. Frank is co-author along with the other Keepers of the popular book, The Rules, The Way of the Cycling Disciple and also writes a monthly column for the magazine, Cyclist. Email him directly at rouleur at velominati dot com.

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It’s no secret that I’m prone to riding in the big ring as much as possible, mostly on account of my not being a giant sissy. In accordance with the ISO Non-Sissy Standard, I also never read instruction manuals or ask for directions when lost. I make sure to only rarely ask my VMH to turn up the radio when Adele comes on, usually follo...

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  1. @piwakawaka Absolutely agree with that theory! You have a natural cadence and your body will always gravitate to it, and what’s more you will find its harder to accelerate again after the steep bit because your speed will have slowed and inertia is a to… »

  2. @Teocalli A few things; the VMH rides a 51cm R3SL with a 13cm stem – no issues. I think its just a matter of how you are used to the bike feeling – for sure your weight has the ability to get out farther over the wheel which will make a huge difference… »

  3. @The Grande Fondue Both are helpful tools, but for me if I’m trying to giterdun it does feel like being on a stairmaster to go back to the hoods. »

  4. @Souleur Dude! Wherefuckyoubeen? »

  5. @pistard That makes sense – I would have assumed that the measure would be on the 0deg orientation but they did it on the 17 per the standard. Anyway, it works out for me, I like the extra cm! »

  6. @Teocalli I think it has more to do with the expense of a custom mold and the fact that bike companies make money selling bikes to Average Joes who want tall head tubes so they can still say they slam their stem, which means the Pros have to go to a ti… »

  7. @geoffrey You said “Gear inches are gear inches.” @geoffrey, @ChrisO Enough with the watts per kilos and stats! This isn’t RBR for fucks sake! »

  8. @Der Hammer Um…why did you specify FROGS? I feel like I should put a strip of tape over my webcam. »

  9. @sthilzy YES! I have the Merckx ttt bend on the steel, similar in most ways to your Cinelli’s. Great fucking bars. @Buck Rogers Ah, crap. There goes my EPO test theory. »

  10. @Daccordi Rider Excellent. Top marks, aside from the EPMS and ISO Non-Sissy Standard-violation helmet cover. But the KOM’s are most likely due to the badass climbing style. @scaler911 Those are such awesome pictures. Definitely whatever works for y… »

  11. @The Grande Fondue I think I’m in love with this guy while at the same time I feel irrationally and unjustifiably inadequate. @PeakInTwoYears Oh, excellent work! »

  12. @freddy @TommyTubs really blew my mind about the 17deg stems being a cm longer than advertized, but he’s right – I measured mine and the 14cm I’ve got on the Graveur is actually 15cm. Which is why the bike fits. On a 73deg head tube (which the Cervelo’s… »

  13. @Endurimil There is a major trend towards finding “neutral” positions, and I think there is a lot of merit in having one on the bike – a place where you can ride where there is no muscle tension etc: ultra comfortable. But that should be one position, … »

  14. @geoffrey I’m so glad someone took the bait. Do both and get good at both. But climbing in the big ring is very good for building leg strength and that pays off on the long run. As for gear inches is gear inches, read the literature – this simply is no… »

  15. @Stephen There is one hill in particular where I really use this and the focus has to be 100% on maintaining the tempo. It is just long enough and just steep enough at the top that you will get fucked if you ease off at all. Staying in the drops really … »

  16. @VeloVita, @Owen The VMH rides some compact bars and loves them. Small hands, rides a 53cm vs my 61cm and I think in comparison it offers her the same proportionate drop between tops and drops as I get. So I think they are bars that make sense for sure, … »

  17. @GogglesPizano They have the artillery to do it for much longer than we do, but it doesn’t mean we can’t use their tricks. My big takeaway the first time I rode with him was just to keep the tempo up – easer on shorter climbs but that’s really the trick… »

  18. @Ccos This very good advise pertains to movement of the upper body while pedaling  - not between positions. If you move your upper body 10cm with every pedal stroke and you pedal at 75rpm and your torso, arms, and head weigh 50 kilos, that means you’re… »

It has been a brutal week for us Keepers, having decided not to hold a Keepers Tour this year. Watching the action from half a world away has been almost too much for us to bear, and I know most of the participants from last year must be feeling similarly. On Sunday, we would be escorted by our friends and guides, William and Alex of Pavé Cycling...

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  1. @Barracuda Its a camo Bimmer. Beemers are motos. Have we lost all civility? @Gianni If you weren’t a Keeper that is so worth the +1 badge. »

  2. @andrew That last suggestion is just crazy talk. »

  3. @paolo What pisses me off the most is that I can’t even buy Universal Sports online because I have Comcast. I woke up around 7:30 but went into internet blackout mode assuming NBC would show it at their usual 5pm. Fucking hate Comcast and NBC. »

  4. Overslept and then found out the race won’t be shown on TV until tomorrow. Grrr!! @tonymacaroni takes the cobble over @john and @Teocalli. Looks like a huge group got to the line together. Crazy! Going off to sort out what happened now! Final Race Resu… »

We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. @norton There is a time in everyone’s life where they must distinguish between culture and fad, Pedalwan. This is true for the Pros just as it is for the rest of us. Order and sensibility will return. Most likely it will return when it gets hot again an… »

@Harminator just submitted this little gem of a tale. It is too timely not to share with Paris-Roubaix looming. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. @teleguy57 That would be following the boar, n’est pas? »

In honor of de Ronde van Vlaanderen, we will be hosting a Cogal in the urban Seattle area. Route to be determined, but plan on a moderately hilly opening 80km around Lake Washington and Mercer Island before hitting the historic cobbles on Captial Hill and Queen Anne near downtown Seattle. Total length of the ride is about 115km; but the last 30 are...

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  1. In honor of de Ronde van Vlaanderen, we will be hosting a Cogal in the urban Seattle area. Route to be determined, but plan on a moderately hilly opening 80km around Lake Washington and Mercer Island before hitting the historic cobbles on Captial Hill and Queen Anne near downtown Seattle. Total length of the ride is about 115km; but the last 30 are what really count.

    We’ll be leaving from Brouwer’s Café in Fremont at 10:05. No support vehicle is expected, but we’ll have lots of opportunity to refuel along the way. I will pre-ride the route a few days in advance and post GPX files and a queue sheet. The ride is intended to be no-drop, but due to the amount of climbing, we may break into separate groups before meeting back at Brouwer’s for post-ride Recovery Ales.

    Join us one and all to get a very minor taste what its like to ride de Ronde!

    Event Details

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    Date - April 06, 2014
    10:05 AM - 6:00 PM


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