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Velominatus: gangly

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Canada

34 years old, serious recreational cyclist. I consider myself a cyclist. It is part of my identity. I train during winter, I live during summer.

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I can’t really call it an obsession. If it was an obsession, I would have commissioned a bloke I’ve never met to build me a set of ultra-light wheels and I would have spent an outrageous amount of money to upgrade my handlebars in an identical shape from aluminum to carbon in an effort to shave a few grams off the top end of my machine...

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  1. Good job Frank, you smashed it! »

  2. Good luck to you Frank, I am expecting a full report.  You better lay down a good effort, you wouldn’t want to have your time beaten by an Adrian such as myself when I ride the Bastard mid month. »

Truth be told, how many of us can resist a photo of ourselves Looking Fantastic on the bike? How many of us can resist the temptation of taking our eyes off the road and stealing a glimpse of ourselves in a shop window as we pass by? Not me, but then again a strong case could be made for my being a narcissist and I freely admit that I love looking...

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  1. My pops and I, with my bro taking the photo, on one of my favorite roads.  Summer is a long ways away right now in Canada. »