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When you’re a kid, riding with your hands off the bars is something done for thrills, for style, and to impress chicks. As an older, wiser Velominatus, it can be a handy maneuvre to aid removing or donning extra clothing, taking a feed from your pockets, and to impress women (because that’s how adults refer to chicks). Get it right and...

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  1. Also, when attempting no hands on a quiet, country side road, make sure there isn’t a police car behind you.  While sitting up to stretch my back, I heard a voice boom over a megaphone to put my hands on the bars. While appreciating his concern for my sa… »

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  1. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or maybe I’m turning into an old curmudgeon, but I encountered something on my last ride that I think needs to be addressed in the Rules.  It could be either an amendment to #84 or perhaps a new rule. When, on a … »

Was Paris-Roubaix the best of the Spring Classics in 2013? Milan-Sanremo was amazingly photogenic, Ronde van Vlaanderen was inevitable but Roubaix was just about perfect. We all prefer the wet and gray “This weather is good for us” Roubaix yet this race’s drama transcended the fine spring day in the North of France. There is no be...

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  1. Many moons ago, I had a chance to talk to Steve Bauer’s first coach.  We talked about Paris-Roubaix and he said Steve always rode up the middle.  He would use a bigger than normal gear over the pave and avoided the smoother, beguiling gutters which were p… »

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  1. Old school.  :-) Maurice Garin, the winner of the 1903 Tour de France. »

  2. @frank Bored to tears?  Really?  I don’t know.  I would love to see Schleck or Contador climb up a mtn pass on one of the old steeds, watch Wiggins change his own tire.  See how truly fast these guys are in a TT.  No race radios, no team cars, just grit a… »

  3. Hello fellow Vs,   Though I’m new here, I’ve been following Velominati for quite a while.  I thought in light of 2013 being the 100th TdF, I’ve wondered how the Race could be commemorated.  I see that the route will include 2 cracks up the Alp d’Huez.  W… »