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Velominatus: humantorch

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Amsterdam

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  1. During a long ride I usually stop about every 40km or so and stretch my legs for a minute. Just a quick stretch of quads, calves, and hamstrings can make these old legs feel a lot stronger and makes a world of difference. This is, of course, much easier t… »

The Goldilocks Principle is under assault, balance is lost. Without balance, we are reduced to savages. Steerectile dysfunction is spreading like wildfire; socks are quickly becoming knee-highs and the line between shorts and knickers continues to blur.We spend considerable time making everything on our loyal steed fit and look perfect. Bar tape an...

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  1. The idea of adding valve extenders to my kit seems to be fixing a problem that (for me) doesn’t exist in the first place, but then again I ride with an EPMS so I suppose my argument is invalid. »

@Marco’s takeSomewhere midway, I realized: looking fantastic while riding batshit fast through unknown territory in Rule #9 conditions in mid-December is hard. Continue reading...

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  1. Drat! How did I not know this was happening? Absolutely would have joined had I known (and also likely would have been dropped at some point, but whatevs). See you in June? »