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Velominatus: le chuck

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: San Diego, CA

Cycling is good for lots of common medical ailments.

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Assuming you ride somewhere outside the borders of Antarctica, you have likely already heard about the injustice being imposed on our friend and fellow Velominatus, Dan Richter who goes around these parts as @Dan_R.I’ve been riding Dan’s wheels for a bit over a year, and they are the best I’ve ever had. After hearing about the sui...

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  1. Training Log: Note to self, burn Specialized Bibs purchased last fall. Continue supporting local small business, check. Notify Filipino Mafia of Southern California, pending. »

  2. @Optimiste Haha. Love that clip. »

My words will only get in the way of what @le chuck is after here so I’ll stand aside. VLVV, Gianni Continue reading...

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  1. @pistard I just had a dream that my Dura-Ace 7700 was ripped from my old Bianchi, and then vandal in his haste was bitten by a giant Cobra. (Cobras are indigenous to San Diego County and frequently eat humans). Afterwards the vandal and I prayed to the S… »

  2. @scaler911 Just get ‘em used on eBay. Usually like 1/2-price or something. – C »

  3. @Optimiste That new photo is sweet – C »

  4. @The Pressure Would recommend Kreitler Rollers. Smooth and durable. Various drum sizes available. »

  5. @xyxax When I started, I had some crappy aluminum rollers with 4″ drums. My new set has 3″ drums and I definitely feel a lot of resistance. In another year, the muscles will likely adapt and may be due for an upgrade to the smaller still, 2.5″ drums. – C… »

  6. @Weldertron My friend – I found some benefit with Kreitler Killer Head Wind to at some strength training. Plus it blows air at you so you don’t get quite as sweaty. – CNG »

I walk away from social gatherings with an acute sense of accomplishment whenever I haven’t offended anyone and when my friends all stayed awake. I view myself as a bottle of wine that keeps getting better with age, but I’m slowly coming to grips with the notion that I am actually a bottle that may be corked. The great irony of life is...

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  1. @DCR To answer your question: No, the sole are not stiff enough for most people. I bought them because when I started training seriously I developed a case of Hot Foot pretty bad. At the time I was using a pair of Bont’s which I had not appropriately hea… »

  2. @pistard I’ll read up and see what I can find. Bike #3 is a 1998 Bianchi Alloro and it has the cable routed through the top tube and it looks pretty chic. The shoes are from Vittoria, they make a new version with 3-point Look-compatible cleat holes. They… »

  3. @frank Thank you Frank. Acknowledged and understood. CNG »

  4. @pistard  Blast! Caught red-handed! Those crappy Giro-brand gloves have since worn out.. low-quality stuff. I got a couple sets of black leather gloves to replace them. As for the cables, would somebody please give me some instructions on how to clean up… »

  5. @DCR Thanks Man. May head out there next year sometime. You guys still have any of that blue crystal? It’s great for bike riding. »

  6. I’m 29, 30 in January. I ride alone b/c finding ppl to ride with is a pain in the ass. Nonetheless, I promised myself I’m going to try harder to make more cycling friends. Also because I don’t really like talking.. listening is much easier.. and more prod… »