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Velominatus: le chuck

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: San Diego, CA

Cycling is good for lots of common medical ailments.

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  1. Training Log: Note to self, burn Specialized Bibs purchased last fall. Continue supporting local small business, check. Notify Filipino Mafia of Southern California, pending. »

  2. @Optimiste Haha. Love that clip. »

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  1. @pistard I just had a dream that my Dura-Ace 7700 was ripped from my old Bianchi, and then vandal in his haste was bitten by a giant Cobra. (Cobras are indigenous to San Diego County and frequently eat humans). Afterwards the vandal and I prayed to the S… »

  2. @scaler911 Just get ‘em used on eBay. Usually like 1/2-price or something. – C »

  3. @Optimiste That new photo is sweet – C »

  4. @The Pressure Would recommend Kreitler Rollers. Smooth and durable. Various drum sizes available. »

  5. @xyxax When I started, I had some crappy aluminum rollers with 4″ drums. My new set has 3″ drums and I definitely feel a lot of resistance. In another year, the muscles will likely adapt and may be due for an upgrade to the smaller still, 2.5″ drums. – C… »

  6. @Weldertron My friend – I found some benefit with Kreitler Killer Head Wind to at some strength training. Plus it blows air at you so you don’t get quite as sweaty. – CNG »

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  1. @DCR To answer your question: No, the sole are not stiff enough for most people. I bought them because when I started training seriously I developed a case of Hot Foot pretty bad. At the time I was using a pair of Bont’s which I had not appropriately hea… »

  2. @pistard I’ll read up and see what I can find. Bike #3 is a 1998 Bianchi Alloro and it has the cable routed through the top tube and it looks pretty chic. The shoes are from Vittoria, they make a new version with 3-point Look-compatible cleat holes. They… »

  3. @frank Thank you Frank. Acknowledged and understood. CNG »

  4. @pistard  Blast! Caught red-handed! Those crappy Giro-brand gloves have since worn out.. low-quality stuff. I got a couple sets of black leather gloves to replace them. As for the cables, would somebody please give me some instructions on how to clean up… »

  5. @DCR Thanks Man. May head out there next year sometime. You guys still have any of that blue crystal? It’s great for bike riding. »

  6. I’m 29, 30 in January. I ride alone b/c finding ppl to ride with is a pain in the ass. Nonetheless, I promised myself I’m going to try harder to make more cycling friends. Also because I don’t really like talking.. listening is much easier.. and more prod… »