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Velominatus: mcdowellp

Order: Level 4 Velominatus

Location: Belfast

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 Rule #4 is clear but how do you explain to your five year old what a twatwaffle is? I was left trying to define twatwaffle to a room full of relatives, none five years old but a few close to ninety-five years old. Someone opened The Book of Rules and loudly read out Rule #4. Some hand waving and muttering about the Dutch deflected things, thankf...

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  1. If you print it……. They will buy it !! »

Choice, or the perception of it, is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. The great secret lies in the locus of control, which suggests that if given the perception of a choice we will be more willing to endure hardship or suffering. We’ll suffer even for the promise of a future intangible reward so long as we feel we have a choice...

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  1. Love this post. For me the greater the sustained and inflicted suffering the greater the ride. But it’s defined by whether I am choosing to suffer on a good day, or having a bad day and just suffering »