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I’ve said it once before, but it bears repeating now: adherence to Rule 29 carries with it the ultimate mission of the aspiring Velominatus, which is to geek out endlessly over the minimum amount of gear which yields maximum security in the event of a mechanical incident while riding.The goal here is twofold. First, with no European Posteri...

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  1. As usual, much appreciated attention that has been paid to one of my favorite subjects…bicycle pumps. I have always(45 years now) carried a REAL frame fit pump and am asked regularly to loan it on a ride to those carrying gas, mini pumps, or no air deli… »

Every night I pray to Merckx that in the morning when I wake up I’ll have a Campagnolo Free Candy Van with a Super Dome.And every morning, its a fresh disappointment that it didn’t come true. Continue reading...

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  1. there was a time when campy was the only thing hat worked. and it worked for years and years. and it was beautiful. it had true class. »