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With the Cogals slowly starting to take shape and the days getting longer, @936adl did a good job in the timing, organization, and the promotion of his Cogal. Buckle in for the fruits of his labor as from all accounts, this was a fantastic ride and great time; I’m only sad I couldn’t be there myself. Fair warning: He’s already ta...

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  1. Bianchi Denti Why thank you. Is indeed Holdens sponsored club kit. I like the kit better than the beer! It was a great day only sorry I could not make the night, looking forward to the next one. Dave. »

April 2012 promises top be a special month for any Velominatus. While the current icons of our great sport do battle in spring classics, many of the Velominati will be enjoying The Keepers Tour.Meanwhile, in the quiet county of Shropshire, another event promises great things. Epic scenery, some pretty serious climbing, an imperial century, and fine...

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  1. @Unica Did you boys find your way back okay? It was 7 o’clock when we got back to ironbridge! We almost needed lights to get home! Dave »

  2. Chaps epic ride today! Chapeau to 936adl for taking the time and trouble to organise the gogal. Nice to meet you all today and share a little pain. It was a pleasure. Now when is this Bristol cogal then!?!? »

  3. @936adl Great thanks looks like being an epic day. I ride these roads every week but am looking forward to some new stuff hopefully! Is the route sorted? I know you are using Marshbrook but that’s about it. »

  4. Hi Long time lurker on here, first time poster. As i live about a mile from ironbridge would you mind if i tag along? »