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Velominatus: nicko

Order: Keepers Tour: Cobbled Classics 2012 Attendee

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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Almost 50, still on the bike, and plan to be there for a long time to come. I'm the sort of rider that makes the front half of the bunch possible (i.e. maybe a little slower than others) but I'm always ready to pull a long turn into the wind.

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I read recently that a number of Pros like to ride the turbo for an hour or so before having breakfast in the morning to jump start the old metabolic system. Which means that now I ride the trainer for an hour in the morning before breakfast. I think the Pros probably do it to lose weight, and I do it partly for that reason but also to burn off th...

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  1. Rollers. »

We have the kind of poor judgement that allows us to have a puppy. She’s half pit, half something, and half something else and boasts a lilliputian-sized head. As her Life Coach, I’ve instructed her to focus on growing her head because, as her Uncle Gianni says, no one gets anywhere in this world with a tiny head. But she’s a g...

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  1. Frank, When I’m struggling on the bike, I think of that “one last Rule #5″ on the way back from le carrefour de l’arbre or into Oudenaarde, smile and keep peddling »

During last year’s Keepers Tour, the motor was fine for about two or three days until it suddenly sputtered and shut down completely on Wednesday. My basic problem, it appears, lies with my ongoing struggle with body dysmorphia; based on the quantity of calories rolling into the station on the Malteni train, I was loathe to lay into the vast...

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  1. Despite Geneviève & Odile’s best efforts to over feed us with endless five course meals, and a constant supply of Maltini beer (watch out for the spurting), the cycling on the Keepers Tour balanced everything out ands I’ve returned home weighing what … »

I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travelling in my life. As a family, we travelled all over Europe when I was just a lad, and recently I’ve had the opportunity to visit more exotic places like India and Hawaii. What I’ve learned from my travels is that the key to a great experience is to leave your predispositions on t...

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  1. Frank, I’ve just read this post while sitting in a little bar opposite Gare Lille Flandres, immersing myself in the local culture while enjoying a Leffe or two (Ok, it’s Belgian, but close enough). Looking forward to meeting you and all the other Cobble… »