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1 carbon, 1 Aluminum and a shit-ton of Steel

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Did everyone got tired of seeing a nearly naked Marcel Kittel on the massage table for the Tour’s VSP page? I know I didn’t. Young Kennaugh will be sporting his British road race jersey and his proper shoe/sock pairing in this Vuelta. Get used to it. Ladies and gentleman we have a race. We have some Giro winners, we have some Tour...

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  1. I hope this gets some traction. »

  2. Round Two VSP PICKS (1st Rest Day Swaps): 1. Froome 2. Quintana 3. Valverde 4. Contador 5. Uran »

  3. Here goes, good luck to all. VSP PICKS: 1. Froome 2. Quintana 3. Evans 4. Pinot 5. Horner »

The race of the funny hat.Every team seems to have included one or two riders fresh off the Tour. One would either feel ruined or unbeatable a week after that slug fest, more than likely, ruined. I imagine there are a few riders dodging calls from their directors this week. Continue reading...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Sagan 2. Gallopin 3. Van Avermaet 4. Martin 5. Gerrans »

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  1. @Chris I assure you that I did not use my post as a subtle confessional but thanks for the chuckle. My point, that you surprisingly missed, is that even if you had a full on Santa beard going, you’d look decidedly more bad-ass with it covered in Flandrian… »

  2. Note to the older Velominatus among us:  Some grey in the beard may look distinguished. However, Dark-Nasty-Cold-Grey, as illustrated above, looks far more bad-ass. So, go dye that Gray with some nature. Crayola, you can thank me later for the new color… »

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  1. With the TT tomorrow, I fully expect some major shake-ups in the Top 5. It won’t be enough for my VSP picks to come through, but it will surely be as interesting as the last few weeks. I really did enjoy seeing Horner put in a move yesterday though and TJ… »

  2. I’m going to need some inspired rides from the rest of my picks to make this happen. »

  3. If Talansky makes it to the line or better yet, through tomorrow, we should re-badge him as V-Lansky. »

  4. VSP PICKS (1st Rest Day Swaps): 1. Nibali 2. Porte 3. Van Gaarderen 4. Rui Costa 5. Horner »

  5. With Contador out, I think Costa and Horner will work together for 4th and 5th respectively. I don’t see them overtaking the BMC sqauad though VSP PICKS (1st Rest Day Swaps): 1. Nibali 2. Porte 3. Van Gaarderen 4. Rui Costa 5. Horner »

  6. How fitting is it that Stage “V” was exactly that? When I saw the rain this morning this morning and heard it was 50 F there, I was sure that everyone would get throttled. I can’t blame Froome for packing it in, most regular people want a day off after a … »

  7. @Deakus Thanks and best of luck. »

  8. Full disclosure: VSP newbie, Long-time reader, first-time poster, admittedly chronic rule breaker, part-time pot stirrer and general lover of cycling here. Best of luck to all. VSP PICKS: 1. Nibali 2. Porte 3. Van Gaarderen 4. Contador 5. Horner »