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Location: Austin, TX

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There is something to love about a race that makes a deviation to its route for the simple joy of sending a fleet of professional riders up a fiendishly steep and narrow ramp. The Cote du Stockeu offers zero benefit to the route from a logistical standpoint – in fact, all it does is complicate things. On the way down from the Cote de Wanne &#...

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  1. here we go! 1.  Valverde 2.  Martin 3.  Rodriguez 4.  Uran 5.  Gilbert VSP PICKS: 1. Valverde 2. Martin 3. Rodriguez 4. Hesdejal 5. Uran »

It looks so easy on the television. Well, no, actually it looks pretty bloody hard. We think we have some understanding of how they suffer, how their bodies can take the continual beating. But we don’t really know. Not even by riding these abominations they call roads twice in the space of a few days can we understand the scale of the thing...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Chavanel 2. Flecha 3. Phinney 4. Cancellara 5. Pippo »

My first article on Velominati was to introduce one of my favorite cyclists, Eros Poli. I refered to him as a domestique on the Mercatone-Uno team. This faux pas was properly pointed out much later by @KaffeineKeiser, a commenter who suddenly surfaced and unfortunately submerged just as quickly, like Das Boot in the Straits of Gibraltar.*I do tak...

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  1. Could Andrea Tafi be a member of the Passista brotherhood?…I can also nominate Neil Stephens and one Melchor Mauri for countless hours of pulling for Jaja back in the great ONCE days. »

The flat back position is perhaps the greatest lie ever told in sport, provided you ignore any of the racing we’ve seen in the last decade or two.It is possible, I suppose, that when we talk about a flat back, what we really mean is that on an elementary level, all curves are really just a series of straight segments connected at an angle; wh...

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