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Once I was an Athlete...

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Even though in today’s mountain bike world the bikes are better, the clothing more appropriate, and there are more trails to ride, there’s no denying the early 90s were the Golden Age of Mountain Biking. Just look at these fellas, and tell me I’m wrong.Tomac knew what was up. You don’t get such a badass Rainbow Jersey by ac...

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  1. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….  Complete article from the UCI MTB Worlds 1991, Lucca Di Bagna.  Albert Itens skinsuite was a definite highlight.. Slideshow: Fullscreen: Download: Powered by DM Albums™ »

That is the question. Are carbon wheels a viable option for everyday riding? Should carbon wheels be your go-to wheels rather than your just-for-racing wheels? I don’t really race and I don’t own any carbon wheels and I wonder. Granted, every professional is and has been on carbon wheels for many years so it’s easy to think we sho...

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  1. Hi there, these are my bombproof favorites! Rims: Zipp 303, cross version, 24 spokes front and rear Tires: Vittoria Pave EVO CG Tire, tubular, 24mm Pads: SwissStop, Yellow King (carbon specific) The cross version of the 303 are super durable and the inc… »

Truth be told, how many of us can resist a photo of ourselves Looking Fantastic on the bike? How many of us can resist the temptation of taking our eyes off the road and stealing a glimpse of ourselves in a shop window as we pass by? Not me, but then again a strong case could be made for my being a narcissist and I freely admit that I love looking...

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  1. And here is the hell part.. »

  2. Two very personal takes on bike riding 2012, heaven and hell… Slideshow: Fullscreen: Download: Powered by DM Albums™ »

Focus groups are forced marches out of the safety of our locked and darkened offices to delve into group work that would certainly be accomplished by one person, namely you, with much more efficiency and elegance. As it happens, the suspicions you’ve had about the dude you’ve successfully avoided conversation with for three years in the...

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  1. Perhaps not the right thread, but as the title for this thread says “new rider” I came to think of an article I just read about an “old rider” who can’t stop racing…… »

One couldn’t get much further from Shropshire, England than Adelaide, South Australia (in more ways than  just lat-long) and yet here is another Velominatus, shaving his legs and going for his first 160km test ride. I can’t resist the far flung symmetry of these two great guest articles. 3500 riders, closed roads, Old Willunga Hill, wh...

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  1. Nice write-up! Also, sort of comforting that it’s not only my Mrs that lacks appreciation :) »

While it took seven Belgians to dominate the Men’s Cyclocross World Championship race on Sunday, it only took a single Dutchwoman to dominate the women’s race. That’s seven times more dominanter, if my math is correct – which it always is.Cyclocross fascinates me, mostly because it is completely insane. But I admit: I like...

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  1. As for Ride like a Girl, how’s this for inspiration? This is swedish pro and olympic medalist Emma Johansson five days after surgery, back on the rollers! She was hit, head on, by a car while training and broke both collarbones, cracked her helmet in hal… »

Our products represent the spirit of Velominati; every product we offer is made with the utmost attention to detail – no compromises were made in their selection or design. Whenever possible, our products are made my small, locally-owned businesses who share our passion for quality and we make every effort to ensure they are made in an enviro...

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  1. I have never called myself stylish I have never called myself cool I have never called myself fashionable That all changed today, December 1:st in the year of the Merckx 2011, when a V-Kit magically arrived at my doorstep At first, thoughts of fear str… »

Fitness. The rhythm, the feeling of precision in our movement, the sensations of The Ride. The temptation of knowing we might in some way control our suffering even as we push harder in spite of the searing pain in our legs and lungs. The notion that through suffering, we might learn something rudimentary about ourselves – that we might f...

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  1. @DerHoggz I use RoadRacer MkII’s Works lika a charm, and doesn’t look like ass! »

A mechanical of any kind thrusts a professional cyclist into a kind of paradoxical isolation; swarmed by cars and motorcycles, yet they are often left alone to find their way back to the peloton by their own strength.But this isn’t their first rodeo, and these aren’t cowboys. Put it in the Big Ring, set the lazy-lever to 12, put your h...

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  1. Ouch!! My worst spill was on an MTB. On a steep decent I heard some unknown mechanical noise from my rear wheel, quickly turned my head to see if a twig or something was stuck in the mech. Just as I turned my head a wasp hit my cheek and got stuck on the … »

When you’re digging deeper into Rock and Roll, you’re on a freight train headed straight for the blues. – Jack WhiteThe analog for this in Cycling is that as we dig deeper into cycling, we’re headed for The Mountains. Suffering is the altar of our sport, and Rule VV emphasizes the experience: the pain never lessens; the only indication...

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  1. @frank Great words! Once I was an athlete (as the saying goes) and I sadly miss those few days as an active when there simply was no stop. When you could do your ordinary hill climb intervals in gears that you on an ordinary day just couldn’t manage and… »

If I was going to describe to you what our order management process for the V-Kit has been like, I might start by likening it to Communing with Butterflies, only with invoices. It’s been a highly manual process with invoices for deposits being assembled based on The Big Board, which was compiled by Gianni from the emails we get asking to get...

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  1. Ah.. Just received confirmation from PayPal on my order for a V-Kit :) Now just the sweet anticipation of the delivery of the kit, surprise and delight , as the saying goes. Cheers, Patrick »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. @nate / @steampunk Googled both and they are now entered in my ToVisit.kml Note on hydration also considerd :) Cheers guys, Patrick »

  2. @frank Super, much appreciated! I’m looking for a new bike but I don’t mind drooling over some Vintage stuff. Cheers, Patrick@Nate Thanks, precisely the type of advice I’m looking for, should be no problem to go there on a weekend. Cheers, Patrick »

  3. Hi All, first post here, sorry if it’s the wrong section or so :) Good bike shop in the Bay Area? I live in Sweden but I will do some work in the SF Bay Area soon (say Palo Alto to San Jose) and I’m planning of buying a new road bike to use over there. … »