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I have been on bikes my whole life. I used to ride cross country mountain bikes until about 6 years ago when I fell head-over-heals in love with road cycling. I have worked in bicycle shops for around 10 years now as a mechanic and I love working on bicycles as much as I like to ride them.

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@prowrench is throwing down the greasy gauntlet. There is truth in his words. We already understand the gap between the professional cyclist and us civilians extends somewhere over the horizon. We can ride the bikes, wear nice kit and ride the race routes but that’s about as close as we can get. No one is paying us to ride. We are not Pros. B...

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  1. @James Lets do the math just for kicks… I work 52 5-day weeks a year give or take a few days for overtime or vacation.  I tune 10-15 bikes a day from spring to the end of summer and sometimes much more and in the winter it tapers a bit.  Lets say I ave… »

  2. @gravity bob You don’t have to rely on your dinner to hold together while descending at break-neck speeds. You may keep cooking your own meals… unless you are eating puffer fish, then leave the preparation to a pro. »

  3. @Chris I believe you have misunderstood my intention here,  The tone of the article surely comes across a pretty brash.. and I very well may be a fucker, but my customers’ bikes have always left clean, quiet and dialed to the nth degree.  If you think for… »

  4. @ped My experience with neutering canines in extremely limited.  I would almost certainly botch the job. »

  5. @Marko I’d get that to a BMC dealer and have them weigh in.  Sometimes on other brands that I have experience with, cracking paint does not always constitute danger.  Carbon fibre is often more flexible than the paint on top of it, so cracking may appear … »

  6. @Aaron Thanks for the kind words! »

Exposure to religion in my youth was by way of a brief dose of sunday school at the local Unitarian church. The point there, evidently, was to learn about other religions and turtles. If a point was being made, I missed it. When Catholic friends of mine came over for the weekend I would accompany them to the closest Catholic church and we would end...

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  1. I grew up working in a shop with a fantastic oak case clad 50th anniversary Campy Tool Kit.  Cool as hell.  As time presses on though, most of these tools are obsolete in the face of press fit everything and frames that break before they bend. »

It’s crazy to me how fast two months from peaking goes by. At Christmas time I remember thinking how distant the Keepers Tour 2012 felt and that I’d have plenty of time to train. Now that time is measured in weeks instead of months and my feelings tend more toward doubt about my form. Cycling in Northeastern Minnesota in January, Februa...

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  1. @ChrisO I do have the matching saddle. It is a honey-top Brooks Professional with copper rails. Unlike the saddle however, the Brooks Gods do not require blood sweat and tears before they will allow you to feel good riding the tape. »

  2. @frank @eightzero @chrisO @anyoneImayhaveoffended I have decided to show my face once more with a little explanation: 1. If I came off as a dick in my post, it is because I am a total snot about bar wrap jobs. Bicycles are works of art and the bar wra… »

  3. To the wrapper of the bars in this article, Stop wrapping bars. Handlebars should be taped in such a way that the direction of the tape is planned deliberately so that the riders natural tendencies to twist the bar should cause the tape to tighten and … »

There’s not too much you can buy with $8 these days. A coffee and cake. A tube. Maybe a trashy tabloid magazine (certainly not the likes of Rouleur, Bike or Spoke…) How about a complete bike? For eight bucks? Are you kidding me?It can be done, and yes, I’ve done it. It helps no end that I have access to a bike shop, with a worksho...

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  1. I thought that I would chip in on 8 dollar bikes. Working in a shop for many years has rendered a wealth of parts that sit in my garage awaiting my whim. Out of pocket costs on this bike at the time I built it were laid down only for 2 cables and a BB c… »