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Velominatus: rfreese888

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Location: Ireland

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guy from Texas living in Ireland learning how to climb the Wicklow mountains on two wheels in a V-esque manner

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To keep chickens is to walk a path towards introspection. From the songs they sing after laying an egg (which I assume is “chicken” for “I’m Every Woman“) to the sheer glee they show when they find a worm in the mud, chickens provide a perfect example of living life in and for the moment. The most interesting aspect o...

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  1. @frank Fair enough Frank but Chaka Khan used to gig with Miles Davis who thought she was the real deal. You may not like that song but Chaka is worthy of respect. »

  2. @@blackpooltower watched it the other night – I thought Roger deserved the win, Demeyer was wheel sucking at the end.  Incredible film. »

  3. @ Frank – you gotta go Chaka Khan with ‘I’m Every Woman’. Whitney’s version just doesn’t cut it. »

A great unknown awaits the young men, bound by a common entity of steel, flesh and passion rolled together. Do they contemplate the future, or are they so encapsulated in the here and now that anything beyond the finish line seems like it could only be for old people? Have they any inkling which path they will take, or be guided towards? Maybe...

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  1. @wiscot Note the halo around The Prophet and the French ‘blessing’ streaming behind Le Blaireau. Bobet’s face looks towards the past, Coppi’s to the future »

  2. Here is a photo from the other side of the career »

  3. Pharmstrong just looks deliberate – no casual going on there. »

I’ve lost a lot of things that were, at some point or another, dear to me. At times, I’ve even cast them away deliberately, either because of a nurtured indifference or an irrational or impulsive dislike. Regret is an easy emotion to find in reflection, it lays right at the surface and provides us with a quick answer without requiring...

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  1. Transition into autumn here in Ireland, last real event of the season was in September.  Everything came together in a beautiful crescendo and now I am contemplating a winter of training – heading into my second proper season of cycling. Thoughts range f… »

I love wine. I mean, I like beer and scotch and can’t resist ordering a Vesper whenever I pretend to be a gentleman spy, but I love wine. As a semi-professional drinker, the biggest worry I have is that should my as-yet undiagnosed problem with alcohol become a diagnosed problem with alcohol, I’d have to stop drinking wine. A full...

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  1. @DeKerr Fair point – I agree that practicing crashes on the Stillorgan dual carriageway into work in Dublin is possibly not an ideal scenario. My point is that commuting has forced me to develop handling skills via day to day negotiation of the hazards … »

  2. let us not forget the the benefits of regular commuting through heavy traffic – an obstacle course at times with loads of tight cornering and unexpected sudden events »

Doing things the hard way is a luxury. It says to the world that we’ve beat evolution; intelligence is no match for technology and economy is no match for indulgence. We need only step a bit outside our bubble to realize the scale of the illusion, but nevertheless it has become reality for many of us who live our lives happily and fortuna...

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  1. @ChrissyOne I wish it was mine!! on the N+1 list. »

  2. I think there should be a rule that says ‘though shalt own a bike with down tube shifters as part of your stable’ »

  3. I too love to draw from the well of tradition and fundamentals to purify my appreciation of the present. It is no surprise that the greatness of heroes like Coppi is due in part to the fact that he literally rode out of the rubble of post war Italy when … »

Happy living in our stressful lives is all about organization. For instance, I like to sort the tasks first by priority and then group tasks of equal priority into buckets of minor priorities. Software developers creatively call this approach to organization a “bucket sort”. This helps break down what appears to be an insurmountable me...

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  1. @Cog so true – the treasures of cycling in the cold, silent darkness of winter are worth the price »

  2. Great article Frank – and just in time for the first few days of single digit degrees in Ireland. We have had an unusually warm September and I have been eyeing the arm/knee warmers wondering when they will come out. Heading into my second proper year of… »

This article started off as a Reverence for the Camelbak Podium, and might still be, who knows, it’s late and my mind is scrambled. As often happens when searching for a suitable image for an article, tangents often appear from nowhere and derail the original train of thought. Soon one finds oneself careening out of control towards the only...

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  1. Has anyone used Elite’s Hygene Corsa bottles? They would match my bottle cages and frame design and apparently stay ueber clean by virtue of them having some slick surface. The teat looks like it does the job too. »

  2. Is the Podium 610 ml allowed given it is > 500 ml and in contravention of Rule #52 ? »

We are cyclists, the rest of the world merely rides a bike. What defines us as cyclists? Can a recumbent rider be a cyclist, a unicyclist, a fat recumbent rider with hairy legs and a YJA on? I think yes but am I snob for even asking?Years ago, I was helping a woman at another research institution set up some scientific equipment. Evidently we kept...

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  1. The other night on my way home from town on the 9 bike, I saw my shadow on the ground beside me and then in front of me as the street light receded. I could see the difference in how I move on the machine after a year of commuting, riding with a club, doi… »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. My neo-classic Condor Super Acciaio aka ‘Fausto’ Slideshow: Fullscreen: Download: Powered by DM Albums™ »

Choice, or the perception of it, is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. The great secret lies in the locus of control, which suggests that if given the perception of a choice we will be more willing to endure hardship or suffering. We’ll suffer even for the promise of a future intangible reward so long as we feel we have a choice...

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  1. “When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking” Sir Arthur Conan D… »

There are two ways in life to be good at something. The first way is the most obvious, which is to actually be good at something. This is harder than it sounds because you need things like skills, talent, fortitude, and light sabers. The other way doesn’t require those things but it has its own challenges; basically, you have to be holistical...

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  1. It’s just outrageous – how anyone can participate in a sport, where the objective is to suffer nobly and maintain dignity at all times, and present themselves in such a flippant manner is beyond me. To wit – »

For the simple reason that the Cobbled and Ardennes Classics are behind us, I have not alternative but to get back on my soap box about the Giro being the best of the three Grand Tours. Well, usually, at least. Last year’s race sucked the big one (even if it was supremely Rule #9), but for the most part it is the race that is the most c...

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  1. Seeing as how it was Cima Coppi day today: I did a little digging and came up with a good translation of Dino Buzzati’s article of Coppi’s famous 200k solo breakaway in 1949. “And yet in that instant on this stretch of road came to pass what the Ancients… »

The Velominati have our own set of nicknames and terms which have developed over time through posts and correspondence. Some of these are names of landmarks or terms in cycling; others are nicknames for some of the riders in the pro peloton. While not intended to be offensive or derogatory, the nicknames in the list represent the riders’ pe...

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  1. ” Stealth Upgrade” Putting new components on an existing bike in the lead up to buying a new frame. When the new frame arrives you say to V-hotty, “I am just going to throw stuff from my old bike onto this new frame to save money”. Previous components on… »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. My first proper road bike – classic look and feel in modern Columbus steel. »

Physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The conservation law extend beyond the physical world and into mystical where the V and Anti-V are also in a constant fight for balance. The Ancients on Mount Velomis understood this well, and taught that the Anti-V expresses itself within the universe as two princi...

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  1. Further research (reading ‘Pedalare Pedalare’) reveals that an inverted W or M signifies the casting of anti-V aspersions e.g. ”Fans, journalists and others were furious and they took out their frustration on Fiorenzo Magni ( for allegedly getting an org… »

  2. @Mirko Dancers can V in their own way »