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Is it correct (or even proper) to enjoy a carbone over a period-correct, original paint, full Campy, 1970 Cinelli Speciale Corsa? No? Even with Fiamme red-labels and silk tubes? I didn't think so...

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  1. Did someone say that V-caps are available? »

  2. Really.  I had no idea that men took the Pill. »

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  1. — 2,600 m in a scant 75 km. Alternatively, try: — 3,300 m in 135 km. »

  2.  2,600 m in a scant 75 km. Alternatively, try 3,300 m in 135 km. »

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  1. The use of a spirit level on that saddle is not a joke.  Dead flat, no deviation.  …confirm that both tires are equally inflated! I have no idea of how a modern fitting is done, but BITD I think I had what qualified then as a fitting.  At the no longer… »

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  1. This is precisely why one must ride with hard women. »

  2. What the fuck is this monstrosity?  A kilometer of a different colour? »

  3. A very nice piece, Frank.  Although some of us have been annoying to others since Day One! On truly L O N G rides, I actually find that the Pain Cave is much blacker with one other person bleakly occupying the same dank pit.  I’m often tempted to cave w… »

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  1. After a second reading, and restful night before The Ride, I do believe that BSNYC’s response should be elevated to a rant of high rank (ROHR).   »

  2. @G’rilla, @frank I do believe this is a more appropriate response to the NYT shite… Truly a ROTHO…  (Do I have to spell it out?  Rant. Of. The. Highest. Order.) »

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  1. Coors === tasteless »

  2. I fully support the weakness for gleaming metal bits polished with great care.  I may never again see the likes of my 1970 Cinelli fully bedecked with the period’s best Campy and Cinelli components.  Modern carbon-based bike forms have moved in the wrong … »

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  1. @barracuda Oh bravo!  In juxtaposition with “deflated,” this looks like it was all conspired. »

  2. In avoidance of all things COTHO-like, I believe that it’s important to be straight with the crooked, rather than the converse.  Know that the East Fork is in my backyard, and that me mates yard this thing down on a weekly- or twice-weekly basis, and tha… »

  3. @il ciclista medio I’ve admired that bit of mountain chicanery for quite some time, both upwards and down. Sadly, it’s about 7/11ths down the East Fork which can only be had by climbing Baldy Road and Glendora Ridge Road (40 km) or by climbing Glendora … »

  4. @scaler911 Hear, hear! »

  5. Actually, Gianni, most of this blather was composed while riding! On the long climbs here in SoCal there’s fuckall else to do!  ;-p »

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  1. Be thankful she includes you in her psycho-lusts. The chivalrous thing to do, of course, is accept that n+1.  Share the love! »