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Velominatus: scotjonscot

Order: Level 3 Velominatus

Location: minneapolis, mn

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old, fat, slow.

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The proclamation is heard in the office, on social media, at the bar with friends; “It’s leg day.” When someone utters “it’s leg day” the accompanying tone of resentment and even dread is usually followed by an audible “ugh”. This exasperation belies one fact, the person making the utterance is not a...

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  1. All this talk of the Cheesehead Roubaix reminds me that the Dairy Roubaix is coming up soon. April 19th in western WI. Check it out. »

I’ve never been able to decide if choices are a gift or a curse; a lack of choices introduces simplicity but also with it the risk that the simple choices do not meet the demands of a complex world. An abundance of similar choices, on the other hand, often reduces the impact of getting things a little bit wrong, but also decreases the thought...

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  1. So my 50/39 with an 8 speed 11-28 turns out to be an 11-26. I have been researching 10 speed cassettes and was thinking that since I rarely if ever use the 28t I’d go with a 26 or 27. Guess I’ll go 12-25 with a 53/39. Could’ve sworn I had a 28t. Weird. »

I read recently that a number of Pros like to ride the turbo for an hour or so before having breakfast in the morning to jump start the old metabolic system. Which means that now I ride the trainer for an hour in the morning before breakfast. I think the Pros probably do it to lose weight, and I do it partly for that reason but also to burn off th...

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  1. @frank Oh I’ve taken the ice bike out for kicks in temps as low as that, but I don’t count that as a real ride. My cap is off to Gord for having the frozen balls to commute in it. »

  2. I’m sorry, but when the high is -26C, I’m on the trainer. No, on second thought I’m not sorry. »

Water is an asshole, at least when it comes to bicycles. So is wind, now that I think of it; I don’t love it, unless its at my back, but that rarely seems to happen even on out-and-back routes. Fire’s not winning any prizes either, unless you’re talking about the hunk-a-hunka burnin’ V. Even le soleil isn’t scoring po...

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  1. Went for a ride yesterday here in Minneapolis. -6 Fahrenheit, lots of hard packed snow and ice. Stopped for coffee hallway through. Mistake. I was all sweaty, and my gloves were cold and wet when I put them back on. No feeling in fingers by the time I got… »

  2. @frank After the cold has seeped down to the bones, I’ve often found comfort in the arms of a good woman. Haven’t tried the embrocation to the crotch just yet. »

Patience has never come naturally to me – I’m more Calvin than I am Hobbes in that regard. Yet I am meticulous and demanding of myself and those with whom I journey through life. It is a conflict that has caused its fair share of grief; my childhood is piled high with memories of incidents where I made choices and mistakes that robbed...

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  1. Nicely put. I’m in the middle of a build, frame-set in hand, wheels and saddle on the way, cockpit chosen. Bro-set being debated. The hours of research, web site perusal, chats with other riders and mechanics will be missed when it’s put together and on… »

My first bicycle opened a new world to me, one where range was measured by will and pedal revolutions, not steps; the only objective was seeing how far out I could push my range. First, to the border of our community, then to the nearest gas station, and on it went. It was a big yellow contraption with 10 speeds – twelve if you count “crash...

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  1. @frank The Salsa Woodchipper is pretty darn wide, way wider than a normal road bar. Still, not as wide as a normal mtb bar. I use the On One Midge, which isn’t quite as wide. »

  2. @VeloVita V-brake with fender? check. V-brake with road lever(withOUT travel agent? check.(Tektro RL-520 levers) Oh, and a basket for six packs. »

We are the Keepers of the Cog. In so being, we also maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette known as The Rules. It is in our trust to maintain and endorse this list.The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path to La Vie Velominatus, not at the end; learning to balance them against one another and to welcome them...

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  1. I need Rule #8 clarification please. I’m building a new old bike, and the the frameset I’ve got is orange pearl with yellow decals.(Litespeed) This bike originally came with a black saddle and yellow bar tape. Is this a good look? It’s either that or blac… »

Disregarding my Schwinn Typhoon, I started keeping score with my 1976 Peugeot PX 10 LE. It came with a Stronglight 52 x 45 and a 14 x 21 five speed freewheel. I always thought this Peugeot was set up for the pavé of northern France with those gears and wire-wrapped and soldered 3x tubular wheels. Yet according to Peugeot’s advertising, this...

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  1. Oops. I just realized I used mph in a post. My bad. Won’t happen again. »

  2. Putting the 39 to use. »

  3. @Gianni Truth be told, I was limited by the capacity of my rear mech. I couldn’t run the 11-28 with a 39/53. It is a nice combo, but on a good descent I spin out at about 45-48mph.(125-135ish rpm?) But around these parts, your’e pretty much at the bott… »

  4. @scotjonscot I mean this years. »

  5. Semi-compact? 50/39 with 11-28 8spd worked very well for last years Wisconsin Triple Crown series. Then again, I might suck. »

The only people I would care to be with now are artists and people who have suffered: those who know what beauty is, and those who know what sorrow is: nobody else interests me. – Oscar WildeI have a theory that every living being is designed to cope with a certain level of stress in their lives, that if our lives are somehow free of stress,...

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  1. @scotjonscot Me:”If I don’t feel like puking for at least a few seconds on every ride, I consider it a failure” Her:”You’re an idiot” she may have a point. »

  2. My wife, who “rides” in that she sometime pedals a bike from one place to another place, asked me why I “get” to go out and have fun on my bike all the time. “FUN? do you think I’m out having fun?” “Every mile is suffering” I said, “If I wanted ‘fun’ I’d … »

The Bike. It is the central tool in pursuit of our craft. A Velominatus meticulously maintains their bicycles and adorns them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement. The Rules specify the principles of good taste in configuration and setup of our machines, but within those principles lies almost infinite room for personal taste.It seems in s...

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  1. @the Engine 50 is the new 30! Or something. »

  2. @the Engine That first crit -in the rain, I might add!- was the best 30 minutes I’d ever spent on a bike. Unfortunately it was the last one of the season. The road race was also fantastic, if more brutal. I can’t wait until next year! I’m building a new o… »

  3. @frank You’re too kind. And they’re 10spd Ergos. ShimErgo. Works very nearly flawlessly. »

  4. @Deakus Thanks! »

  5. @Deakus I raced it twice this season, one crit and one road race. My first time for either and probably the bikes first time as well.I turn 50 in two weeks and figured better late than never! Happy to say we didn’t do too bad. It was certainly the oldest … »

  6. @Mike_P Thanks, and I am older fatter and slower than the bike. »

  7. old fat slow »