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My friend Robbie is no slouch on a bike. He is a former Mass-Rhode Island district road race champion, he has been beaten by the likes of Steve Bauer and Davis Phinney. The man can always get on a bike and haul ass, he always will. He drove by two days ago and was hot to go for a ride. I looked in his car to see only cycling shoes, a helmet and a s...

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  1. @Rob Thanks for the heads up on the seat tube, I´m setting about making myself a telescopic seat post today, I´m too fond of this frame to risk it. Other changes to be made are getting an alu adjustable handlepost, so I can lower the front a bit and a big… »

  2. »

  3. The left side lets you fit a bigger chainring due to the curve of the frame and doesn´t cause any probs with the folding, in fact as the chainring is on the inside of the fold it is somewhat protected from knocks when I´m transporting it. The mono fork al… »

  4. @Rob thought you might appreciate sam »

  5. nicely done, have a similar sweatpea conversion myself, I made it left side drive side in order to put a decent chainring on and maintain a good chainline, how do you find the chainline as your running it? »