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Yvon Chounard may not be Homer but he is a worthy modern day wise man, he admonished, don’t be a sports nazi. His meaning was, don’t do one sport to the exclusion of all others. It’s tempting not to pursue other sports when cycling demands so much time and leaves one with a body that is barely useful for anything else, but that w...

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  1. My heart warms knowing that many a Velominatus practices the sacred climbing craft. The doctrinal debate above is an important first step towards understanding.  I, for one, would like to see a set of Grand Unified Rules, or at least core principles which… »

I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travelling in my life. As a family, we travelled all over Europe when I was just a lad, and recently I’ve had the opportunity to visit more exotic places like India and Hawaii. What I’ve learned from my travels is that the key to a great experience is to leave your predispositions on t...

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  1. @frank let’s also not forget the most useful French phrase of all: – parlez vous fuk-ness?? »

We are quickly arriving at what is, for any Velominatus, the end of the most awesomest week of the year.  There have been emails and comments flying around within the community so we thought it would be fun to publicize our plan for honoring the Hardmen of the Cobbles this coming Sunday.So, with that, we launch the first Keeper Tip Hotline.  Fo...

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  1. @frank Bro, The description of your pre-race ritual is awesome. Wish I was there with you to ride the Seattle cobbles, sip espresso, and drink ales, in no particular order. I raise my ristretto to you sir! And to the hardmen of Spring. And, finally, t… »

When I was growing up, my family and I did a lot of mountain biking.  It was really just a matter of training; we were nordic ski racers and the heart-rate patterns in both sports seemed to be more similar than between road biking and skiing and the intense efforts to ride up steep, technical hills was better interval training than anything you c...

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  1. Although Brett beat me to it in naming Gene, I can top that with an eye-witness account of Gene’s style. Picture the start to a typical mountain bike race in the early 90s. Lots of lycra. A few rock-shox (maybe), and a couple of guys locked-in to their… »