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Unfortunately the weather for 2013 L-B-L looks a lot nicer than the 1980 episode.  Then again, if the weather looked that bad, they might have cancelled the race or put them on buses before Bastogne and driven them back towards Liege. Who would be the Badger of the peloton of this year’s race in those conditions? Discuss. As always, we have...

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  1. …saluted them from his bike “like a general reviewing his troops” according to reports. What a great image of Hinault, I had not heard this before. Great read. Thank you for the article! »

There is something to love about a race that makes a deviation to its route for the simple joy of sending a fleet of professional riders up a fiendishly steep and narrow ramp. The Cote du Stockeu offers zero benefit to the route from a logistical standpoint – in fact, all it does is complicate things. On the way down from the Cote de Wanne &#...

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  1. VSP PICKS: 1. Gilbert 2. Sagan 3. J Rod 4. Valverde 5. Froome »