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No words survive here, only echoes. Echoes of our hopes, of our plans, of our failures. What we thought we might do when we came here is little more than a shadow; it flickers on the walls for a moment and when we turn to look, it is gone. Doubts swell up and bounce off the walls until they become so loud they can no longer be heard.Once we’ve en...

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  1. Love the article.  Very timely for me right now as I complete my final two weeks of training and then taper for a ride with more climbing in it than I have ever done.  I will definitely be exploring the dark corners of the cave over the next two weeks. »

There was no clear indication that Rick’s car had actually come to a complete stop. It wasn’t that the car hadn’t stopped its forward trajectory – it had – it was just that the car hadn’t actually stopped moving. Long after the vehicle had come to rest in what could only be considered a legitimate parking spot by...

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  1. I finally ordered a roof rack after years of debating the investment.  I can’t wait to mount it on my car, although the rack itself may be relatively more valuable than my car.  Let alone the bikes that it will carry :) »

There was no need for Rule #74 until the cyclometer showed up on our handlebars. According to the late Sheldon Brown, the cyclometer has been around since the early 1900s.“Star-wheel cyclometers, such as the Lucas unit, suffered two serious problems. They made an annoying “tink-tink-tink” noise. At high speeds, the star wheel would s...

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  1. @TBONE I hear you there.  My max is definitely around 185 these days.  I guess age has inevitable effects on our on the bike abilities. »

The task spreads out before me like molasses poured onto a tabletop, indulging in its viscous immensity. Its growing breadth makes it a kind of enigma, the sort distinguished by an elusive end and therefor an intangible beginning. It occurs to me, at this moment, that the difference between those who achieve and those who stagnate is not measu...

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  1. Great sentiment.  I love long solo rides more than anything, and the cold grey of winter somehow makes them more quiet, more alone. »